Threads All Set To Welcome Third Party Fact Checkers For Content Review Amid ‘Recent Filter' Addition

While some might have seen this as a long time coming, we can finally confirm that third-party fact-checkers are finally making its way to Threads soon.

The move seems to be well appreciated as many critics have been calling for content review for quite some time now so that misinformation can be kept at bay, not to mention the growing rise in false conspiracy theories and fake reports throughout social media.

Instagram’s head was the first to break the news through his account on Tuesday where he confirmed that the app is rolling out the chance for fact-checking to ensue with third party partners so that all content is rated and reviewed thoroughly for authenticity. However, it's evident from social media users that not everyone will agree with the fact-checking process 100% of the time.
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We’ve seen Meta roll out similar features for its other leading platforms including Facebook and Instagram. In the past, Adam Mosseri shed light on how content on Threads was seemingly compared to that on Facebook and Instagram for matching but now, it won’t need to rely on that, thanks to its own fact checkers.

This means the Threads posts from the past were simply compared to that of its sister apps for matching and if things seemed to be right, it was allowed. But the real fun begins now as the company is set to have its own system in place.

It’s certainly going to be useful considering how there are a huge number of posts being rolled out each day through Threads that could be repostings. Many posts in the past were flagged but creators didn’t quite get the clarity that they were looking for as to why it was being highlighted as they were just repeats of others’ content found online.

So now, we’re saying hello to something that appears more proactive as proper fact-checkers can search the platform to find content that could be troublesome for some reason. Meanwhile, another fact checker working independently mentioned how functionally for search features much be enhanced to ensure the right content passes through checks in place.

Many have complained in the past about how search options don’t give chronological reports or only provides options for word combos throughout desktops.

We’ve witnessed Threads really work hard in terms of ensuring users get what they are requesting for and also ensure users don’t go flocking to Twitter which is the app’s biggest rival. Today, many former X fans see Threads as a more refined and simple texting app, unlike X where Musk’s irrational and unpredictable changes continue to take center stage.

In the recent past, changes like browser versions and trending topics are just a few of the many things that Meta has launched for Threads and yet it does tend to feel a little bare at times as there is a lot more room for growth. One feature that people wish for is its own DM feature but again, no works on that yet.

Before we forget, the addition of fact-checkers does not mean you can trust everything published on the platform. Misleading posts can still arise as a lot of Meta’s policies regarding fact-checking don’t entail getting rid of fake material. So as the old saying goes, trust your own judgment and do your own research.

In other news, the platform has just rolled out a fairly interesting ‘Recent’ filter that’s designed to address all of users’ past complaints about content not being aligned chronologically.

This seems to be the latest move where people cannot stop talking about how similar Threads is to Twitter and could soon overtake it in all regards.

With the latest addition added for search results, users would benefit from seeing results based upon replies that were most recent. And as you can imagine, this seems to be one of the most important and handy updates for real-time events including the world of sports.

Remember, people used to flock to the likes of X, formerly known as Twitter, to get the most recent and minute by minute updates for things that are trending. And now, it’s going to be the same case here.

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