Survey: Environmental Concerns Vary Globally, Brazil Tops with 44%

Statista Consumer Insights conducted a survey across 38 countries, revealing that environmental issues are not a major concern for many people. Only 21% to 44% of respondents considered environmental issues a significant concern in their country. Respondents from Brazil were the most worried about the environment, followed by those from Colombia and Mexico.

In Asia, concerns varied. Indonesia showed the highest concern for the environment, while China and India were moderately concerned. Pakistan ranked lower in comparison. Despite other pressing issues such as health, education, unemployment, social security, and poverty, environmental protection remained a notable concern. In China, it was the second biggest issue, and in India, the fourth.

In developed countries, respondents were more concerned about climate change than environmental protection. In contrast, developing countries prioritized environmental protection over climate change. In Italy, 40% of respondents said environmental protection is a major issue, compared to 32% in the UK. In the USA, 27% considered it a significant issue, while only 21% did in Saudi Arabia.

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