Sam Altman Refers To GPT-4 As The Smartest And Safest Technology Amidst Growing Criticism

Microsoft’s Build conference had the OpenAI CEO Sam Altman make a brief but meaningful appearance.

We must mention how the timing was on point as it came less than a day since we saw a growing rise of concern for the firm’s GPT-4o chatbot from big names like Scarlett Johansson. She says the voice used in the latest chatbot assistant is creepy and very much like hers.

While the OpenAI boss did not choose to address that matter of concern, he did however go all out in praising the GPT-4 technology that has been launched, calling it the safest and smartest in use to date.

He sent out massive appreciation for the latest chatbot assistant and how similar it is to give out conversational style sounds, very human-like indeed. Furthermore, he went on to praise developers at the conference, adding how they were the key backbone to the company’s success and therefore must be given due credit in regards to the future of AI.

In the past 1.5 years, Altman says a lot has taken place, and today, millions are working on the OpenAI platform. How the speed of AI and talent is getting accepted is massive and mindblowing. Remember, it’s not been long since GPT-3 was put in the API.

A lot of individuals felt it was cool stuff but to get zero revenue out of it had many concerns. Today, it’s very different. And what OpenAI has done with GPT-4 is unbelievable, not to mention the latest GPT 4o assistant that’s breaking its own records with superior performance.

Altman confirmed that in his career, he’s never witnessed any such product get adopted at such a fast pace like this. And nothing can be better than to hear this as the firm’s head.

In terms of what users can expect from the company in the next couple of months, well, more models will be getting intelligence. So things are going to get smarter than what they are today. This includes better safeguards in place and ensuring the right safety tools work around this front so it’s more useful.

Safety has always been a major concern for OpenAI and the CEO. Seeing its Superalignment team that ensures humans are protected from AI causing them to get disbanded was a major concern. Remember, the company has worked long and hard to get where it stands today, It’s not been an easy journey by any means.

But GPT-4 is said to be safe enough but far from the point that the company envisions it to be so there’s a lot of work to be done on this front.

Altman calls it robust and safe for an array of uses and it didn’t happen overnight. It took a great number of resources including research to stand where it is today.

Sam Altman says today is an exciting period to design something, It could be something new from scratch or simply a startup that offers the greatness of AI. He advised tech enthusiasts to really make the most of this period and not take part in any delays. as the moment does not last forever.

While we don’t see Sam Altman’s appearance at this year’s Microsoft Build as something that’s publicized, it’s not surprising, to say the least. Both OpenAI and the software giant have a great working relationship and more integrations are predicted to come including Windows, the AI Azure Studio, and also the addition of GPT-4o to Microsoft Copilot and PCs.

Image: Microsoft Build 2024: Day 1 #MSBuild Microsoft Developer - YT

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