Reputation Matters: How Hardware Giants Outshine Social Media Platforms

A new report by the Harris Poll and Axios talks about which tech companies have the worst reputations around the world. Many big names in the tech world like Meta, TikTok and X were ranked the lowest in the list of companies having good reputations. According to the analysis, X (formerly known as Twitter) has the second worst reputation in the world and many people do not think of this tech company in good words. It has a reputation quotient score of 58.8. The tech company with the worst reputation and the lowest reputation quotient score is Trump Organization with 54.0 score.

Meta, a tech company founded by Mark Zuckerberg, ranked 97th in reputation. It had a quotient score of 59.6 while Spirit Airline was just above it with 59.1 reputation quotient score. TikTok was in the 95th place with 60.7 score. A social media platform, Reddit, was at 90th place with a reputation quotient score of 65.0. Comcast was at 84th place while Boeing was at 88th place.

The study found out that the companies that deal with hardware and software have far better reputation than any other social media companies. Nvidia had the best reputation and ranked first with 81.2 reputation quotient score. Sony was in fourth position with 79.8 score while Apple scored ninth position with 79.0 reputation quotient score. Samsung made it to the top ten at 10th position with 78.8 reputation quotient score.

Amazon, Google and Microsoft also had good reputations over all. They had 16th, 17th and 18th positions respectively and all had their score in 70s. Even with trust and safety concerns with tech companies like Sony and Google, these companies succeeded in ranking well with good reputation quotient scores.

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