New WhatsApp Feature to Clear Unread Messages

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that could help users who feel overwhelmed by too many unread messages. This update is spotted in the latest WhatsAppbeta version for Android, accessible through the Google Play Beta program. The new option, discovered by WABetaInfo, will allow users to reset their unread message count each time they open the app. This feature aims to ease the stress of seeing a high number of unread messages.

The upcoming feature includes a toggle button labeled “Clear unread when app opens” found on the notifications settings page. Once this toggle is switched on, it will automatically clear the unread message notifications whenever Whatsapp is opened. This could be particularly useful for those who receive a lot of messages, especially from active group chats.

Currently, the feature is still in development and hasn't been released to testers yet. There's no specific timeline for when it will be available in the beta version or the official release. WhatsApp is continually working to improve how users manage their messages. This feature is expected to help users focus on important conversations without the pressure of scrolling through a long list of unread messages.

Last month, WhatsApp also introduced Chat Filters for Android and iOS. This feature helps users organize their messages better by filtering all group messages and unread messages with just one tap. Additionally, it has been reported that WhatsApp may soon allow users to hide community group chats. Hidden chats will feature a special icon next to the group name, making them easily distinguishable from regular groups. Only those with an invite link will be able to join these hidden groups.

Alongside these, Whatsapp is exploring several other updates, including a new user interface for Status updates, a feature to see recently online users, an in-app dialer and a picture-in-picture mode. These enhancements are part of a series of improvements aimed at making the messaging platform more user-friendly and versatile.

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