Musk Claims X App Hits 600 Million Users, Doubling DAUs Since March

Elon Musk is known for making some very striking comments online and most of them tend to get an overreaction from the critics, in case you did not know.

Currently, a trending topic has to do with Musk’s confession about the number of monthly active users that some are casting doubts over.

It’s not an official update, we agree, as Musk is famous for passing some far-fetched comments online. But seeing the tech entrepreneur reveal that the figure stands at 600 million today is just overwhelming for many of us to accept.

Musk says that’s the truth and he couldn’t be more proud. So that means out of the 600 million people out there, half of them are using the app on a daily basis! How’s that for shocking!

It’s a lot to accept because nearly 60 days back, we heard something else. X made an official report of 550 million monthly active users and DAU hit 250 million with stats published online. So now, we’re being told that the huge increase has taken place without any sort of justification as to how, why, and where this arose.

However, some do feel it can be believed as the app hit the 500 million monthly user mark in March of 2023. Depending on these kinds of stats, X has added 50 million more people in less than a year and that has increased by the same amount in nearly eight weeks. How’s that for some tremendous growth?

Coming back to daily active users, the growth is much greater because the app hit 250 million for DAU in November of 2022. It reiterated that same figure for this year in March and you’re telling us that zero growth arose in a span of 16 months? Okay, clearly something is missing here.

Now, all of a sudden, it’s another 50 million daily active users as per this note. We agree this is not the official statement but Musk’s confession is super vague and needs to be called out in terms of transparency and what really is going on.

If this is to be believed, the app is growing and that’s a huge endorsement in terms of the direction where the app tends to be going and where it once existed in the past.

Remember, the app needs users, and revenue is down by nearly 50% from what Twitter used to have before Musk came into power. Creating the right audience is never easy and could give rise to lucrative offers from bigger players taking part in making investments in the firm.

Now real facts and figures always count and seeing advertising partners shoo away is never great because it’s Musk who has been to blame in that regard. But if the chance to get great success was there and in the company’s best interest, who can ever say no?

Currently, X does not have the massive audience size that we’ve seen with Twitter in the past so there’s a long way to go to actually win more stakeholders over. But if the app really does hope to gain again, it’s major news that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Expanding potential is never looked down upon, provided the sources it's coming from can be trusted. And as far as Musk is concerned, we’re not sure if the majority see him as an official and the most trustworthy source for X’s user stats.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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