Meta Criticized For Excluding Women And People Of Color From Its New AI Advisory Council

Meta just unveiled its latest AI Advisory Council and it was interesting to see the company only feature white men.

While the thought of not having women included in Big Tech is not something new, seeing Meta exclude people of color was another eye-opener to the world and it’s safe to say it’s not going unnoticed by many.

The company which has from day one spoken highly about promoting diversity for decades was shunned by critics for not practicing what it preaches and therefore ignoring qualified professionals who might fit better in these positions than white men.

Meta is yet to speak on this controversial debate and how there’s a lack of diversity seen on the board.

The latest council is quite different from the company’s real board of directors that rules on the day-to-day operations. In the same manner, it’s quite different from the Oversight Board which is designed to moderate issues on problematic content that’s flagged by users. Both of these boards are very neutral in terms of gender and race so many wonder what went wrong here, right?

We just know that no shareholders took part in the board member selection for the AI advisory council.

Meta has been hyping up the council for months, adding how it was designed to provide the right insights and feedback regarding all tech advancements, this includes discussion about innovation and chances for growth that it hoped to meet in a periodic amount of time.

The latest council would feature only businessmen and those familiar with entrepreneurship, Meta adds. It’s not something easy to handle and certainly arrives with its fair share of risks. Did we mention the consequences linked to getting things wrong are very far-reaching and could impact huge groups?

A recently published interview saw how it’s important to examine all those locations giving rise to AI technology that ensures the public’s needs get served in the right manner.

The tech is prone to making huge errors and through the likes of independent research, such errors cannot be distributed in an equal manner. They are very disproportionate and can give rise to serious harm in the community, And that’s where Meta needs to come into play and set the bar high.

As far as discrimination is concerned, stats from previous studies prove that women are more likely than their male counterparts to face the wrath of AI. For instance, most deepfakes featuring explicit content are made targeting females. And seeing women get targeted so frequently is so sad because the practice is ongoing.

Big names like Taylor Swift had been the center of a nonconsensual porn video that took over the X app by storm. It got hundreds of thousands of likes and views that went up to 45 million. Seeing how big apps fail to provide protection under these scenarios is just sad.

But Swift is truly very powerful and seeing her become the target without a lot being done means those less influential have literally nowhere to hide.

Today, ads featuring deepfakes are escaping the security guardrails in place across leading social media platforms. And that’s alarming how it’s being done so frequently. This is why many feel women and people of color must be included in councils and also in those places giving rise to innovative AI offerings.

But as time passes, seeing such groups get marginalized is a major disaster with adverse effects on the future. This is why there is an outcry against Meta to do more before it’s too late.

Image: DIW

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