LinkedIn Data Shows Social Media Marketing is the Most In-Demand Skill on the Platform

LinkedIn is a great platform for job hunting and networking. There are different types of employers who seek right candidate for a number of jobs. The latest data curated by LinkedIn shows that the most in-demand marketing skill on LinkedIn that many employers are seeking in 2024 is social media marketing. The report by LinkedIn shows all the latest industry trends to help marketers polish their skills and improve them in order to ensure suitable employment opportunities.

The skills that are in-demand on LinkedIn other than social media marketing are data analysis, coding, SEO (search engine optimization), and remote team work. LinkedIn also says in its report that familiarity and knowledge of AI is also preferred in most of the jobs that are being listed on the platform. Adobe photoshop skills (mostly related to photo editing and graphic designing) are also in demand on LinkedIn, followed by email marketing and then market research.

83% of the CMOs on LinkedIn say that they are likely to hire a lot of individuals this year who have the above mentioned skills. Many hirers are not looking for individuals who have many degrees, rather the area of interest for many CMOs is how skillful and talented an individual is.

Take a look at the infographic below for more insights on how digital marketing skill sets are evolving.

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