Instagram Adds New Perk For Paid Subscribers That Allows Them to Restrict DM Requests To Other Meta Verified Users Only

It's a feature that has been in the testing phase for a while now but we can finally confirm how Instagram is rolling out another great benefit for Meta verified users.

The app will now enable paid subscribers the chance to restrict requests for DMs to other paying members only. This was shared recently through a new screenshot that was published by Radu Oncescu.

He revealed how all verified profiles on the popular social media app can now make the most of this option of restricted message requests online to those being verified.

In case you’re still wondering, the term verified users refers to those on the platform having notable accounts such as those belonging to IG team members or those who have paid subscriptions after signing up to the company’s verified initiative.

This way, such settings provide users with the chance to filter unneeded content or junk and make sure only those of a serious nature are entertained across the user’s DM.

When we mention the term serious, we mean accounts of high-profile individuals and those capable of paying the fee for getting verified. It does not mean scammers cannot reach you as many can afford that fee. But it does mean that there would surely be a dramatic fall in the large number of bot profiles that add users like you to random conversations. Other examples include the decreased likelihood of poor marriage proposals taking center stage inside inboxes that might seem annoying to tackle on a usual basis.

It honestly does also depend on how many such requests you get across your DMs and if you have the spare time to sort through those online. In case you happen to be off the lot and not getting too many such requests in general, it might be a waste and not worth your time or effort to have it filtered. But in terms of personal utility, the value does increase.

We feel this could be valuable to a small number of users on the app but if you happen to be one of those keenly looking forward to benefiting from it, then congratulations as this update will soon be launching.

We also find it interesting how it’s a rollout that’s awfully similar to what tech entrepreneur Elon Musk included for paid users on the X platform in 2023. This enabled those who were verified to have DMs restricted to only those who were paying.

The only difference now is that it got rid of verification tags from all those accounts featuring non-paying members. So that means the only DMs you attain arise from those who have been given the chance to make a payment. But again, seeing it reactivate the premium accounts without additional costs was major news for those having more than 2500 followers.

As a whole, it’s quite similar, we have to agree. Now the question is whether or not it adds value in real life for users or not and from what we feel, it’s a little questionable on that front right now.

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