Initial Versions Of Popular Android Social Media Apps Like Twitter Were Designed By Google, New Podcast Reveals

A new podcast is shedding light on Google’s role in the development of popular social media apps on Android. And you’ll be surprised to know how the initial versions of platforms like Twitter were created by Google alone.

Twitter’s ex-director for senior product design and management was there to confirm the news and now she’s got her own startup business called Particle.

This interview had her speaking about how she played a serious role in Twitter’s history and how it was just a small-scale firm having a team of 75 employees. With time, that increased.

As years passed, other apps started popping up too in the world of Android systems and beyond like iOS from Apple and even BlackBerry.

But as far as Twitter’s launch on Android is concerned, it arose from search engine giant Google. During that time, Twitter was the equivalent of a leading demo app produced by Google that they gave to them. But Google was also said to be behind apps like Foursquare which did appear during the start as the firm rolled it out.

When you come to think of it, the fact that Google wished for organizations to adopt Android is news altogether. They wished to build apps for this sole purpose and then Twitter used that to attain its growth in the market and work towards an expansion.

Google ended up detailing all of this work across Android Twitter in another post launched in 2010 but they did not add a lot of press coverage during that period. Therefore, no one knew what was going on here.

The app was never credited as being a creation from Google and that’s why no one really knows much regarding that. It turned into a forgotten endeavor and as you know, if it’s not documented too well in history, it never happened.

The post rolled out by Google says it worked hard to ensure Android’s working practices were a part of the Twitter platform. Meanwhile, another post shed light on how Google implemented the best practices for Google in the app. And one of the authors for a certain post happened to be an engineer.

More stories regarding the Twitter app’s initial days were also mentioned including launches for Vine before Instagram rolled out a video product of its own.

New podcast reveals Google's pivotal role in developing early versions of social media apps like Twitter on Android.
Image: DIW-Aigen

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