Google’s Unfair Monopoly, Court Documents Reveal It Paid Apple $20 Billion To Become Safari’s Default Search Engine

It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that in the competitive tech world of today, money speaks wonders. And if you fail to believe us, you might want to take a look at this next bombshell court document that has Google’s illegal search monopoly in the spotlight.

The price that Google is paying tech giant Apple to have its search engine remain default on iPads, iPhones, and even Mac computers is not cheap. We’re talking billions and it’s more than what was reported in the past.

Thanks to the newly unveiled court documents that have come to light due to the DOJ’s antitrust case against the Android maker, we’re seeing how Google ended up paying a staggering $20 billion two years back to have this exclusive right on the Safari browser.

This is a huge shocker because, in 2021, Google said it paid the Cupertino firm $2 billion less than what it pays today. So that year, we saw the search engine giant roll out an eye-watering figure of $18 billion in that period so that’s above $1 billion launched each month.

Meanwhile, the public unveiling of these documents has also brought to light another serious matter regarding both parties who continue to work in silence to get their respective benefits. But seeing exact figures in terms of dollar amounts now getting highlighted is serious news as they were even excluded from filings of the SEC previously.

A trial took place last year when Apple was a hush for payments and outlined how Google was ready to spend billions through a new deal and then one person did come forward to reveal how Google did pay 36% of the revenue that it got via Search ads from Apple’s Safari browser.

Now this recently published evidence of the $20 billion that Google spending on Apple is bound to serve as evidence for the DOJ and the world in terms of how far the company is willing to go to behave like a monopoly which is illegal.

For Apple, it’s been quite a profitable affair. When we look at studies from the year 2021, this amount was making close to 15% of the firm’s operations income. Are we shocked, no!

For years, Google has been sporting out funds in the effort of paying Apple a massive figure to be a default search engine for all devices belonging to the iPhone maker. And at times, it does seem that both these organizations like to be known as one.

But when you dig deep, you can see how the firm has a complex bond with one another. They are reported of been in disagreement on plenty of occasions when the competition arose between rival products.

Reps for both sides are yet to comment on this bombshell court document but it looks like the cat is finally out of the bag and Google is getting known for what it should: illegal monopoly behavior with no turning back, anytime soon.

In case you didn’t know, the DOJ will be embracing closing arguments in the case against Google this week. So what perfect timing for this to surface to the public, right?

The company has long been dominating the market of search engines today and we’re seeing allegations get denied over time by the company which refuses to be engaged in such an act.

Meanwhile, the coast is still not clear for Apple too. It’s embarked on its own antitrust case where it’s accused of continuing with its own monopoly and stopping competitors from uprising which it denied.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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