Google’s Current Focus On AI Labeled ‘A Panic Reaction’ Due To Fear Of Competition

One of Google’s veteran employees is having his say on the company’s sudden shift towards everything AI.

In case you missed this year’s I/O Developer’s conference, we’ve got news for you. The company unveiled a long list of AI Projects that lacked what a user truly needed. Instead, it has now been slammed for being brought into the limelight with poor planning and motivation.

In the same way, it has been called out as the most panicked reaction by the Android maker in response to the growing rise in competition. You can liken this to the firm’s obsession with AI.

He even claimed that the AI vision does not have a true sense of purpose or motivation for combatting what the user really wants and needs.

The veteran worker named Scott Jenson may have left the tech giant last month but with a vast experience spanning 16 years, he is very concerned about the firm’s focus regarding AI as more competition springs up.

Google’s long list of AI projects were dubbed as offerings that had poor motivation behind them and were just brought into the limelight because it had the term AI in it.

The criticism begins with a talk about Google giving rise to a new AI assistant that is produced in regards to a growing fear that someone might take the top spot and before they do in the world of AI, Google would be stemming in.

Next, the Google+ product that is said to be having a similar reaction to Facebook’s rise to fame is already predicted to be ill-fated, he continued.

The focus on AI is much like what was launched 13 years back.

Jenson then shifted to a discussion on how the final product lacks motivation driven by users. It just is boring and the company fails to address a very common problem that has to do with how the latest Gemini assistant would combine into the current list of products and better the whole user experience.

Can Google’s AI Overviews be switched off? In case you didn’t know, people are not happy with Google’s AI Overviews which have been in discussion for a while now. They give rise to more summaries which can generate replies to common search questions by digesting data from the internet.

It’s a controversial decision and one that is giving rise to more legal complications where publishers accuse the firm of intellectual property violation and generate profits in an unfair manner. After all, content is getting scrapped from the web without taking consent.

Now Google is yet to give rise to more settings that switch AI Overviews off. But a recent article from an IT expert has suggested that you can make use of browser extensions to do just that.

Another alternative approach is configuring Chrome to shift toward Web Search and bypass any overviews made through AI. A list of instructions on what to press was also provided including how a new entry option is to be added that ensures the right web results are produced instead of Google’s AI overviews which are just summarized versions of search results.

We have to add how the tensions regarding data usage will arise which have already been discussed online. There’s a major controversy linked to AI overviews that develops tension amongst tech firms as well as content creators. This is through online data use for various kinds of AI training.

Plenty of publishers are now arguing how Google’s long list of summaries might impact website traffic and end up threatening revenue streams belonging to creators that work separately. These rely now more on the likes of search referrals.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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