Google Play Store Introduces “Government” Badge for Official Apps

Google has launched a new feature in the Google Play Store to make it easier for users to identify official government apps. This new “Government” badge is now visible on app listings, search results, and the main Apps fees in the Play Store.

The badge, which includes a building icon, helps users quickly see which apps are verified as affiliated with government entities.

This feature has been in testing with over 3,000 government apps and is now rolling out in more than a dozen countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, and South Korea. Examples of apps that now feature this badge include those from NASA, IRS2Go, and FEMA. Tapping on the badge will inform users that the app is verified by Google as being government-affiliated.

The introduction of the government badge aims to combat the issue of apps that falsely claim to be affiliated with government agencies or offer unauthorized government services. Google has strict policies against apps that contain false or misleading information, including those that misuse app descriptions, titles, icons, or screenshots.

Google collaborates with government agencies to verify the legitimacy of apps claiming to be affiliated with government bodies. Additionally, apps that are not affiliated but provide government related information must clearly state that they do not represent a government or political entity.

This move by Google follows a similar approach by the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), which uses a grey checkmark to indicate accounts representing government officials or entities. The new badge feature from Google is part of the company's ongoing efforts to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the apps available on its platform, enhancing user trust and safety in accessing government services online.

Image: 9to5google

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