Google Confirms There Is No Direct Threat To Human Jobs From AI Yet

Search engine giant Google is adding reassurances to the minds of many employed workers today on how they need to take a step back when assuming AI is coming after them and their jobs.

The company mentioned how it's more than certain that the threat is just not there yet and that was obvious considering the huge sums of investments it has made in this domain.

The world of Generative AI continues to evolve as we speak and it’s giving rise to more fears in the minds of people as to how they just might be replaced thanks to the efficiency that this technology portrays,

Google says AI will certainly provide greater economic benefits to the world and any such thought or sentiment about the technology giving rise to tech unemployment is far from the reality of the situation.

Google added how many feel unemployment will reach new highs but these rumors are greatly "overblown" and therefore people need to relax and stop stressing out so much.

Today, the Android maker has reportedly rolled out investments worth billions in these sectors with a wide array of products such as the Gemini chatbot which it feels is the future of its search engine. They similarly spoke about greater expectations related to the firm rolling out a wide array of AI-linked goods and services that are featured through search as more is said to be unveiled in May at its much-hyped I/O conference.

Hence, we don’t see this as something that’s awfully surprising which the tech giant is arguing about in terms of taking on more AI products as it does not feel it would come at any major economic price tag.

In Google’s terms, there’s no direct link between unemployment and AI and if the technology does take over let’s say a quarter of jobs, that does not mean employment will be at an all-time high.

Google provides numerous examples of how AI has been around for years and it has been ruled out a be a leading force to better detect images and help cause a rise in employment in the past when there was a great shortage of skilled labor.

In the same way, it spoke about how both health as well as wealth were on the rise alongside massive tech advancements. With time, a major change has come and the mean income for companies has also been boosted.

The advent of tech has really had a positive impact on increasing life expectancy and also reduced air pollution amongst so many others. So Google is constantly serving as a reminder to the world to stop worrying about problems that cease to exist.

This particular report by the tech giant was rolled out by a top researcher from MIT and those at McAfee, along with several workers at Google who have been outlined to be the core contributors.

Other than that, there was a massive correlation seen between inequality and the world of automation where AI is said to assist with issues like inequality in employee pay scales as it’s impactful in terms of enhancing performance at the entry-level workforce.

The only thing that seems to be promoted here is how the latest technology would give rise to serious hurdles including a wide array of benefits. And in the long run, that’s all that matters. The major factor worth mentioning here is related to quick and impactful efforts that are reskilled.

Today, close to 85% of the American workforce has grown in strength thanks to the arrival of new fields and technology is what is making this possible. Just last week, the company itself rolled out a massive fund worth $75 million to assist in employee training at firms such as Goodwill in regards to tools linked to generative AI.

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