Google Ads Limits AI Image Generation for Branded Content

Google has clarified the capabilities and limits of its AI image tools in google Ads. these tools can generate generic lifestyle and product images. However, they cannot create visuals that show branded items or logos.

This came after search marketer Darcy Burk expressed excitement about AI's potential to create product images. In response, Google’s Ads Liaison, Ginny Marvin, explained the key restrictions. Google’s AI tools can make generic product images but avoid those with brand names or logos. For example, the tool can generate an image of a dog in a pet stroller in a park. But it cannot include a specific brand logo. If users try to generate images with brand names or logos, they will get an error message to remove these terms.

Google’s support documentation gives more details on using AI image generation and editing. It states that the tools automatically limit certain types of content. Examples of restricted content include faces, children, specific individuals and branded logos or items.

The documentation also addresses safety and responsible AI development. Generated images have digital watermarking to identify them as AI-made and to deter misuse. Sensitive advertising areas, such as politics and pharmaceuticals, are restricted from getting AI-generated image suggestions. Google says they are continuously evaluating and improving their safety approach as the technology evolves.

While Google’s AI tools in Google Ads can generate useful generic product images, they have clear limits regarding branded content. This ensures the images stay generic and free from specific brand affiliations, maintaining a responsible approach to AI image generation.

Image: DIW-AIgen
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