Everything You Need To Know About The Magic Class In Diablo 4

Mages play an important role in regular RPG and MMO RPG projects and are an integral part of them.

This is a difficult character at the beginning of the game and depends on the mana indicator, which increases combat power and has weak physical defense. The magician can destroy enemies in a second and die at the same speed if he is inattentive. What is a caster and how to get effective diablo 4 boosting - we will look at it in this article.

What you need to know about the magician

This is a fighting class that uses mana to create spells, and their strength is determined by intelligence.

The magician is a rather fragile hero who can move quickly using his skills.

You will have a choice between the schools of fire, lightning and ice to deal damage, but given the features of the nightmare and hell difficulty levels, it is better to choose two schools to reduce the risk of stumbling upon the complete immunity of enemies to your attacks.

You will have the potential for single and massive attacks to destroy entire squads of enemies, but keep an eye on your mana and don’t forget to regenerate it using potions and wells, and also look for passive bonuses and stones that will help you quickly restore an important resource.

What you need to know about the elements:

  1. When choosing the talent Crackling Energy and a combination of lightning skills, energy spheres will remain behind enemies, which will restore your mana.
  1. All ice elemental skills will freeze and slow down the enemy, and if they accumulate critically, the enemy will be completely stopped and broken into small pieces of ice, which will prohibit their resurrection.
  1. All fire elemental skills will cause the target to burn and reduce their health even if you stop attacking them, which is effective for boosting in Diablo 4 when you are running out of mana, but you have already activated these effects, but have run out of mana.

Magic class parameters:

  1. Level up your intelligence to increase your overall spell damage, which stacks with skill levels and weapon power.
  2. Upgrade your willpower to add a chance for a critical attack and double damage when using a spell.
  3. The agility parameter is responsible for restoring mana, but apart from this criterion there will be no benefit for you, so either pump it up by literally 5 values, or ignore it and get it through magic equipment.

Your main task is to distribute mana so that you have enough for a full cast and do not have to run from enemies until it is restored.

All the skills that you will learn and use can be placed in active slots for their use and there are a total of 6 main ones and 3 additional ones.

All the skills that you place in additional ones cannot be used as an active skill, but it begins to issue passive bonuses based on their description.

All skills can be divided into several groups:

  • Minimum damage - needed to accelerate the damage of more powerful skills and for attacks of any level of strength, just not to stop the battle.
  • Average damage - mostly work as negative effects, such as burns, freezing, or reducing the combat potential of enemies.
  • High mass damage - a blizzard, meteorite, ball lightning, which immediately covers a large area of enemies, but also consumes a lot of mana.
  • Defensive - these are spells that increase your defense, such as a cold shield, freezing enemies and increasing your armor, fire that burns an attacker, and so on.
  • Conjuration - these are spells that do not require a target and are often used around you to freeze, burn and reduce combat potential due to lightning.
  • Mastery - these are special spells that differ depending on the school of magic - a wall of fire, a block of ice and a ball of lightning that interfere with the advancement of opponents.
  • Ultimate - This is a unique and most powerful skill from the school of magic that you have chosen for yourself. For ice, this is deep-freezing of oneself and mass skills around, for fire, general lava over the territory, for lightning, this is huge random damage and complete conduction of lightning around.

Basic Skills

These are key skills with low damage, but with their own characteristics.

Lightning has random damage from one to a maximum value, which is chosen randomly and due to the chance of knocking out an attack many times is close to zero and reduces the popularity of this build.

Ice accumulates freezing, and fire accumulates burns and a burning effect, although the damage itself causes weak.

Secondary Skills

These attacks are launched using the right mouse button and are considered assist attacks. They don't do a lot of damage, but they help a lot against a lot of enemies.

  • Lightning will release sparks and catch nearby enemies.
  • The ice will release fragments and freeze enemies around and scatter further.
  • The fire will fly as a ball and explode upon contact with opponents.

Protective Spells

  • Fire Shield - You gain full protection from all attacks for a short time and burns enemies around you.
  • Ice Armor - You increase your overall defense and absorb some damage until destroyed.
  • Blizzard is another skill from the defensive class, because it does not really deal damage, but at the same time it freezes enemies around.
  • Teleport is the creation of your silhouette and moving to it, causing lightning damage to all enemies between them.


These are skills that create an effect around you to cause damage.

  • Ring of Ice - does not cause damage, but freezes enemies around and does not require targeting a specific enemy.
  • A lightning spear is the release of a projectile that does not fly in a straight path and catches all enemies around, it ignores all obstacles and moves on.
  • Ice blades - they are launched without a target and look for enemies to attack, but you can aim with the first blade, and they will immediately begin attacking that target.
  • Hydra - Summons a magical attack point that deals damage with all three heads until the end of its effect, or the death of the sorceress.


These are skills that you already need to be able to use to increase their effectiveness for your boosting in Diablo 4.

  • Wall of fire - it does not allow enemies to pass through and causes damage; for it to be effective, it is better to immediately place it, either in the path of enemies if they are moving, or directly on them - if the battle has not yet begun.
  • Nova is a burst of magic with massive damage that activates when you spend a lot of mana and has a cooldown. This is a passive skill that is not directly controlled by you, just remember that when you do not save mana and perform a procast, then this spell can come to your aid.
  • Meteor is a targeted attack that sets the ground on fire and causes explosion damage to all enemies in its radius and subsequent burns.
  • Ball lightning - flies in a random direction, but practically does not see obstacles and hits all enemies in its path, causing them damage.

Ultimate Abilities

Each school of magic has its own most powerful spell, which is extremely effective and has a long cooldown.

  • Deep Freeze - You become completely invulnerable while powerful volleys of ice shoot out around you at enemies around you.
  • Inferno - creates a zone of fire strikes and has the shortest cooldown of all spells. All enemies hit will not receive pure damage, but will receive a burning effect, quickly reducing their overall health.
  • Conduit - You become pure electricity and quickly move around the area and deal damage to all enemies hit.

Formation of builds

The magician has general skills, which are then divided into three schools of magic, but you should not concentrate on one of them, because in the future enemies will have immunities and resistances, so try to distribute the skills between the two schools of magic.

It’s not worth taking all three, because in the case of two types of skills you lose some damage, but retain your combat potential, and if you choose all three, then the damage will be weak for three schools of magic at once and the pace of your boosting is in D4.

It's simple - if you want adventurous damage, take lightning. The emphasis on attack is fire. The emphasis on defense and control is cold.

Conclusions on the mage class in Diablo 4

A magician is a fragile weapon for mass killing monsters, which depends on the mana indicator, and you can choose one of the schools of magic to study.

You will have a large amount of magic for attack and defense, tied to ice, lightning, or fire.

It’s worth choosing one or two schools of magic to study in order to distribute them to bypass the immunities and resistances of enemies that appear at the Nightmare and Hell difficulty levels.

This is one of the fastest heroes in terms of boosting in D4 due to mass skills. You will have teleportation and strike effects without selecting a target, which will further help ensure your safety and survivability.


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