Elon Musk Changes How The Blocking Feature Works On The X Platform

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has time and time again mentioned how he’s not the biggest fan of using the blocking feature and that’s why he’s making changes to how it works on the X app too.

While the change is said to come into play, we are not quite sure if it’s here to stay because some speculations did mention that we might see the X owner remove it completely.

X hopes to alter how replies are visible on the app when users wish to use the block button. So that means if you wished to hide a particular comment on a post that you may not have been a fan of, you could. At the same time, you would also be allowed to block the sender but still generate a reply on their content published on X. Interestingly, no one would know who made the comment.

Now, that’s no longer the case. Instead, we’re watching X alter how the button functions by allowing the person to see who is making a reply, even if you are on their blocked list. So you can say hello to all general replies without any kind of discrepancy or disguise.

Time after time, we’ve seen X mention how such changes would be a part of the continuous commitment of being aligned to blocking while ensuring the right principles remain that were delineated at the start.

This way, users can identify and report anyone that generates harmful remarks on posts so X is in turn enhancing security on the app as well and we feel nothing could be better, right?

Meanwhile, posts were also hinting at how changes to blocks could soon take center stage that go beyond this amendment. We’re talking about better security coming soon so that posts are more transparent and you know who said what and when on the app. How cool is that?

Time and time again, Musk has been voicing his critical thoughts about how the blocking features serve little to no value and how it needs to be scrapped before it gets too late. He also added that only DMs would be allowed to have it while in other places, he wouldn’t mind it disappearing altogether.

But from what we see at this moment in time, no drastic change is taking center stage. But on the flip side, it could be that you want greater visibility about what people are mentioning on the app, and who better to advocate for free speech than Musk right?

Now that we’re seeing Elon Musk speaking about X beginning a change in visibility that was once blocked means we should all anticipate more such changes in the future and it’s a great endeavor that fans will love while others not so much.

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