Analytical Thinking, Creativity in Jobs Benefit Long-Term Brain Health, Research Shows

Choosing a job that keeps your brain busy could be key to staying sharp as you age. Research from Norway suggests that having a mentally challenging job might help keep your memory and thinking skills strong as you get older. This means your job isn’t about paying the bills; it could also be like a workout for your brain.

In the study, over 7000 people with various jobs were looked at. Their jobs were grouped into four categories based on how much thinking they required. Then, the researchers tracked whether these people had memory and thinking problems after they turned 70.

People with less mentally stimulating jobs, like mail carriers or custodians, were more likely to have memory and thinking problems later in life. But those with more engaging jobs, like teaching, had lower rates of these problems.

Even after considering things like education and lifestyle, people with less mentally stimulating jobs were more likely to have memory and thinking problems as they got older. This suggests that having a job that challenges your brain could be important for your long term brain health.

Jobs that involve analyzing information, creative thinking, interpreting data, building relationships, motivating teams, and learning new skills seem to be good for your brain’s health. So, whether you're starting your career, thinking about changing jobs, or enjoying retirement, it's important to choose activities and projects that keep your brain active. This could be like an insurance policy for your brain's health in the future.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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