53% of the Consumers in the US are Following AI or Virtual Influencers on Different Social Media Platforms

Many companies on social media are using AI-created influencers to make their brands grow. Most of these identities are AI generated or digital avatars. The researchers over at Influencer Marketing Factory did a survey of 1,000 consumers to find out how well AI and virtual creators are performing on social media feeds.

The survey found out that 53% of those surveyed consumers are following at least one virtual influencer while 22% of them are familiar or know some of those entirely virtual personalities.

There are many AI generated influencers on social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and Instagram with millions of followers. Among these personalities are Magazine Luiza with 69 million Instagram followers and Lil Miquela with 2.6 million Instagram followers. Lil Miquela was created by a tech startup known as Brud and this AI influencer has worked with many brands such as Samsung and Prada. 49% of the consumers said that they followed these AI personalities because they were curious and wanted to know how they work on social media while 36% said that they followed the creators for entertainment. Some participants in the survey also said that they followed the creators because they wanted to know about new products from a virtual point of view.

36% of the participants of the survey also said that they would like if the virtual stars write about their AI nature in their bio to avoid any misunderstandings. When the participants who were not following any AI creator the reason for not following, they said that they are not interested while some replied that they are more interested in real relationships than engaging with AI.

The report also showed that YouTube is the top social media platform with most virtual celebrates with 59% of the participants following them there. TikTok was the platform with the second most virtual personalities with 56% of the participants following them there. Instagram had 51% of the participants following AI influencers, followed by Twitch with 18% followers. 63% of the participants following virtual stars were Millennials and Gen-Z. 71% of the participants in the survey also admitted that despite following all these AI influencers, they haven’t made a purchase after being inspired by them.

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