XR Headsets by Meta are Seeing a 19% You Decline in Their Shipments

According to Counterpoint’s Global XR Model Tracker, the shipments of global XR headset has decreased by 19% YoY in 2023. This decline was because of lack of new and attractive designs of the XR headsets and them having no uses except for gaming purposes. However, the launch of Sony PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2) and Meta Quest 3 has played its role in the decline of the headset in 2023. In 2023, meta had 59% Global XR headset shipments as compared to 77% in 2022. The volume of Meta’s shipment has also decreased by 38% in 2023. Even with the decline, Meta was at the top of the XR market in 2023. It is also to be noted that Meta decreased the price of its Quest 2 so more people could buy and it has helped Meta stay relevant in the market a lot. Quest 3 was launched in Q4 of 2023.

Meta’s Quest 3 was launched in October and it immediately became Meta’s best selling XR product in Q4 of 2023. Quest 3 has a lot of advanced features including improved video technology that makes it one of the best in mixed reality. The shipments of Quest 3 were 33% lower than that of Quest 2 launched 3 years before. The high price of Quest 3, availability of Quest 2 and high competition from other companies became the factors in the decline of Quest 3 shipments.

Sony had the overall second position in the XR headsets market after the launch of PSVR2. The sales of PSVR2 were more than the sales of PSVR1. But it still didn’t meet the number of sales that were expected after the hype it gained during the pre-launch. Gaming is one of the most important factors that is increasing the sales of XR headsets. Apple’s Vision Pro will also contribute to the market. There are still some faults in the XR headsets that need to be tackled if companies want their products to sell.

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