X Users Will Soon Be Barred From Hiding Blue Ticks

X users are being served a new notification about their blue tick ‘hide’ option that is going away soon.

The company, formerly known as Twitter, just confirmed that no option for hiding blue ticks would be available as X is getting rid of that endeavor forever.

Now the fact that it was rolled out in the first place made no sense and the fact that it’s being scrapped is sounding more illogical at the moment.

Therefore, if you happen to be ashamed of the tick and don’t wish to let your list know or perhaps you assume such a function provides funds for Elon Musk, well, the news here is that you won’t have a choice anymore.

This seems to be a reasonable response to the app which mentioned recently how all users featuring close to 2500 verified followers would get free ticks on the platform.

Image: xDaily

This saw a large rise in former Twitter users getting these blue ticks back, even though they never wished to have it again. Moreover, they never wanted to pay for it either. So the only option left in this regard was to hide it completely.

Now, the X app is removing the feature altogether and the question on many people’s minds is why?

Getting rid of the hide option means saying hello to more ticks being seen in-stream.

X says the decision comes instead of the fact many witness blue ticks as a true symbol for authenticity and therefore would like to use it for that reason to differentiate real from fake and to ensure people they’re interacting with are authentic.

The greater the number of people having blue ticks, the greater the number of profiles that lack it stand out as perhaps a fake or bot account. This, therefore, reduces standing witness through this app.

X hopes that such ticks being more visible, would enhance pressure on those without subscriptions to consider paying more to be on the same ground as others. But will that really work, well, experts don’t predict so.

The app has mentioned in the past how most users do not post or even engage with content published on X. Hence, they happen to be more in the read-only mode so when you don’t post, you probably don’t have any care in the world about the tick being there or not.

But it seems like X’s move to selling blue ticks has gone down the drain completely and thoroughly de-valued with time with some looking at it via a status symbol. This is why he had the option to hide it, to begin with.

So as you can see, X has really undermined a valuable proposition of Premium Subscription offers by selling it to clients who are upscale and who can afford to pay without any hesitation. So not a lot of people care much about it anyway, knowing that people of more power or influence are the ones purchasing it to begin with.

Forcing more people to display ticks will never help and many feel it’s not worth it any longer. And if you do not pay for more features for X Premium, it’s no longer adding any value that used to be there once upon a time.

When you really come to think of this, the whole move toward reforming verification on the platform is a total mess. Here we have Musk speaking about his desire to eliminate the distinction between lords and peasants for verification with blue checkmarks up for grabs to everyone. And now this.

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