WhatsApp To Soon Allow Users To Create Events Through Community Group Chats

WhatsApp is on another mission to create ease for its users who make use of group chats frequently.

The popular texting platform is rolling out a new endeavor for creating events through community group chats as mentioned by WABetaInfo who was the first to announce the discovery.

For now, it’s up for grabs to a limited number of testers online but if things go as planned, there’s no reason why the masses won’t benefit from it too.

This new ‘Event’ option is designed to allow users across the platform’s community group to produce events on the chat. It can be found through the attachment panel where eligible testers can make the most of it for the likes of online meetings, seminars, and more.

As per the screenshots, users can feature details like date, location, as well as time. They would then end up linking this to calls rolled out on WhatsApp after an event gets created through the platform. Users get the chance to select if they would like to have links included for accepting video calls or voice calls across the invite.

Members taking part in this community group accept event invites and also attain alerts regarding changes done by a certain creator in question. Websites like these note how events feature on the app could be attained through older beta variants so that the majority of users can benefit from it online in the next few weeks.

You can always refer to the platform’s Community in case you need a reference as it brings everyone together, no matter what the topic of discussion would be or which groups are relevantly involved.

Similarly, users can get the chance to give rise to communities that go up to 100 groups featuring close to 2000 members as a whole as revealed by the latest support document.

The platform creates things through automated means as a part of the Announcement group for every community where admin members could make use of this for sending messages to every single community member.

Other than this, the platform is making efforts toward exploring various features to improve user engagement on the platform.

We’re also seeing the famous texting platform work on a host of different features like Favorites, third-party app support, default for uploading media in original quality, and also picture in picture mode.

In the past couple of months, Whatsapp has included a few features such as video forward or rewind as well as 16 different channel admin members. This would also entail a new option for filtering out group chats. Users can search for chats with ease via several filters that are found at the chat list’s top.

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