UK Takes Major Step To Shape Future Of AI With New Rules Targeting Powerful Language Models

The United Kingdom is making it very clear how important of a matter AI regulation is for them.

As reported by media giant Bloomberg recently, the nation has begun drafting a new set of rules to regulate AI and their top target happens to be large and powerful language models.

This includes world-famous names such as ChatGPT from OpenAI. While for the time being, we are not seeing any imminent bill pop up anytime soon, a lot of the reports stem from the fact that the UK government is more likely now than ever to wait so that the major French AI conference will take place, as scheduled for the start of 2025.

The DSIT is already said to have begun drafting out new legislation on this front that’s designed to stop any form of harm reaching AI users.

The country’s PM has already mentioned that the goal right now is to stop moving at an accelerating pace with AI and to put the necessary protocols in place to ensure users remain protected at all times.

In plenty of his public speeches, Rishi Sunak explained during this year’s summit featuring world leaders on AI how moving quickly with AI will do more harm than good.

But other officials in the country beg to disagree and continue suggesting how the UK’s copyright legislation needs to be amended to ensure content creators stay guarded at all times from such models scraping the surface for content.

In other places around the globe, the EU has moved abruptly to roll out new rules regarding AI software as well as a host of other services in December of 2023. This would be for all those firms linked to curating more generative AI products. And in case you weren’t aware, the mega AI Act was rolled out by the EU last month and that’s said to come into law after member states offer their signatures.

In the US, we saw the Dept of Justice appoint their first AI officer at the start of this year. The goal here was to ensure the department and the specific expertise was establishing the right kind of technical teams and policy experts to tackle the wide array of tech problems developing as we speak.

When media outlet Bloomberg questioned the UK government about any possible plans to roll out AI laws soon, the PM’s rep repeated how Rishi Sunak’s position on this was more linked to ensuring it was rolled out with great speed so that it’s implemented quickly.

But at the same time, the UK strongly feels that for it all to be a great success, other nations around the globe need to introduce another type of AI legislation so everyone can benefit. What do you think?

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