Top 16 Freelancing Websites that Can Help You Earn Money in 2024

Freelancing is getting more and more popular with each passing day. Many people are freelancing and bringing a change to their traditional work routine. Companies are hiring people who can do remote jobs efficiently. With people getting used to freelance jobs, many freelancing websites are also getting popular. These sites hire individuals with proper skills and also pay them well.

If you are someone who is looking for some freelance websites that you can work on, we have searched for 16 of these sites. Let's take a look at them.

List of Top 16 Freelancing Websites

1- Fiverr

Fiverr is a really popular freelance website that offers different services like digital marketing, web development, content writing, voiceovers, etc. The individuals who work on Fiverr are called sellers and they have to make their gig to present to buyers. There are also different seller levels according to the work experience, reviews, and works of sellers. There are about 3.42 million active buyers on Fiverr who seek sellers who are perfect for their jobs.

Fiverr payments are guaranteed but sellers have to wait 14 days to withdraw their payments. Fiverr also takes up some commission from the sellers.

2- Toptal

Toptal is a freelancing site where experts in different fields work with different companies online. This means that people working at Toptal are highly experienced and skilled. If an individual wants to start working at Toptal, he has to pass 5 tests that include an English evaluation test and a project assessment. The tests conclude whether the person is capable of working on this site or not.

If you are someone who is a beginner or doesn't have professional experience, Toptal is not for you.

3- Jooble

Jooble works as a search engine where people can search for job vacancies and start working online. There are many freelancing jobs available there like web designing, data entry, graphic designing, and many more. You do not need to sign up to Jooble for job searching. Once you search for a job on it, Jooble presents all the freelancing opportunities that are available.

4- Freelancer

Just like other freelancing sites, also allows individuals to work with many experts and companies. If you are someone looking for a job, you need to sign up as a Freelancer but if you are looking for someone to do the job, sign up as a Business Owner. To sign up as a Freelancer, individuals have to fill out a form with their details.

There are also contests on that you can join and win. These contests are created by Business Owners and pay well. The only con of this site is that there are many fake clients on the site that freelancers have to beware of.

5- Upwork

Upwork is also a great international freelancing site that also has a wide range of freelancing work. Sellers have to create their profiles with their basic information and expertise. Upwork has a verified payment option that lets individuals verify their employers. It is hard to get work to Upwork because of the experts available on the app, but once you get work, you can get projects that pay well.

6- FlexJobs

Flexjobs have all types of jobs from freelancing to full-time and part-time. All the job postings on Flexjobs are verified and don't have scams and fake jobs. Unfortunately, there is a subscription plan that users need to pay to avail of work opportunities. There is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on FlexJobs, meaning users can get a full refund of their subscription if they are not satisfied.

7- SimplyHired

There are many job opportunities for human resources, data entry, and finance available on SimplyHired. Companies all over the world post different jobs on it and individuals can choose a freelancing job. People can easily narrow down their job search according to their ZIP Code and location. There is some spam on the website too so be attentive to them.

8- Guru

Guru hires individuals with expertise in various fields like web and graphic designing, marketing, and programming. The individuals seeking a job can browse through many job postings and send quotes to the clients. There are also long and short-term projects available that freelancers can bid for and they can also fix a specific price for projects.

Even though the site is free, there is also a paid version available that makes your profile stand out. The payment is secure in Guru but freelancers have to look out for fake clients.

9- LinkedIn

Though LinkedIn is focused more on networking side, it is still a great platform to look for the freelancing job of your dreams. It is easy to use once you sign up for it. Even though it is a full-fledge social media site, many companies also post regular freelancing jobs and mention which skills they are looking for. If an individual is perfect for it, he can apply for the job.

Individuals should also keep on posting on LinkedIn so your profile can stand out. It is best to post about your skills and the work you can do.

10- Behance

If you are an individual who loves creative work like illustration, photography, and web design, Behance has a lot of freelancing opportunities for you. It's also a networking site so you have to follow profiles to see their content. There is a large group of individuals on Behance who are providing their artistic services and there are also individuals who are seeking them.

11- 99designs

If you are a designer who can offer freelance services like web, logo, and graphic designing, 99designs has many jobs waiting for you. When you make a profile on 99designs, the team reviews your application and assigns you a designer level according to your previous work.

12- Dribble

Just like the previous two freelance sites, Dribble also has a lot of creative talent. You need to create your work portfolio on the site and it will increase your chances of getting hired. It has a large global community that is dedicated to its work and also gives out design inspirations to new users.

If you want to do a freelance job on Dribble, you need to subscribe to its premium version which ranges from $5 to $15 a month.

13- People Per Hour

As its name suggests, People per Hour is a freelancing site that hires individuals according to the hours they work. There are many types of jobs available on the site that you can apply to like programming, journalism, and branding. You can also choose the location of the job you want. People per Hour is a great site for people who are looking for professional work.

14- ServiceScape

If you are a freelance writer, there are many writing opportunities like academic writing, content writing, editorial, and translation work available for you on ServiceScape. ServiceScape is different from other sites in a way that the freelancers do not bid on the projects, rather the clients themselves contact the freelancers to work with them.

The platform has a high commission fee of 50% that the freelancers have to pay after every project they do.

15- DesignHill

Many businesses from all over the world hire experts in the design field to do freelance work with them. All types of jobs related to designing are available on DesignHill. Individuals can also create their online store to offer their services on DesignHill. There is absolutely no service fee on DesignHill but people who are not related to the design field cannot work there because the jobs are only for designs.

16- TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a service site where services like delivery, house cleaning, and personal assistance are available. Individuals hire people for these services and the payment is done on hourly basis. The site is safe as the team does a proper review and background check when an application is received.

You have to set your city and location and it will show you jobs that are available in your area. However, the areas available on TaskRabbit are limited and the services are not available internationally.


All these sites are safe to work but you should also check yourself about the credibility of client and their payment method. Do not hesitate to reach out to customer service if there is something wrong.

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