TikTok All Set To Penalize Creators Who Publish ‘Problematic’ Content

TikTok is taking part in a new mission to clear the app from content it claims to be problematic for users.

The company just went public with a statement on how it’s going to crack down on creators publishing content that goes well against its terms and conditions. This new tightening of rules seems to be much needed for a while but we’re happy it’s finally happening, better later than never.

This means what can and cannot be recommended on the platform is getting a revamp so that users’ For You recommendations feature nothing but accurate posts that they really wish to see.

This latest update comes as the social media giant is striving to attain a healthy and secure future in the US despite calls for its ban on the rise with just Congress left to pass the law. So yes, great efforts are being made to show American lawmakers that it really does care and wishes to continue serving the US market where it has a stronghold.

The app has been widely criticized in the past for not being a safe haven for teenagers and regulators have time and time again pulled out plenty of examples that prove that notion to be true.

Moreover, the latest community guidelines are all set to come into play by May where TikTok included a list of material that it says is no longer acceptable to be published or recommended to users in the ‘For You’ tab where people get recommendations on what to see next.

While the list does not feature many surprises because many categories have been banned for a while including explicit and violent material, it’s interesting how they’ve even included some topics that the platform has faced trouble with in the past. So to see those return was certainly an eye-opener.

This entails those content that features dangerous activities and more challenges as well as a host of content material limited to weight loss and dangerous diets.

Similarly, any content arising from people under 16 would also not be displayed as recommendations on the feed in ‘For You’. In the same way, we can find a long section that’s solely directed to a whole array of misinformation and conspiracies that won’t be getting much fame any longer.

This includes content without substantial evidence or those promoting lies as well as health data that’s misleading or fails to have relevant references in place. Similarly, media that are repurposed and display crowds at concerts or those displaying protests linked to the world of politics is also a point worth pondering.

TikTok even mentioned how such eligibility changes are not the only thing new here. We will find the app punishing content creators who continue to show disregard for its policies by breaking the rules and publishing content that goes against all of this. This would make the account ineligible for any form of recommendations in place, and not only those deemed offensive in nature.

And we don’t think anything could be worse than not being able to find your name in the search bar, leading to poor engagement.

In other news, the platform spoke about attaining a new account status that assists in keeping track of when and if they are breaking any rules. It’s so much like the feature that’s seen on Instagram and no surprise here because both tech giants like to get inspired by one another daily.

But here, the account status on TikTok would send out reminders to creators about any strikes seen on the account or post that breaks the app’s rules.

Similarly, they would get the latest data on if and when their content is barred from popping up on the recommendations tab or cannot get access to the app’s features such as messages or comments. This is so important as many creators hardly know where or when the damage is done, leading to a significant drop in engagement.

Now, after getting the alert, content creators will be able to find a fix or at least be notified immediately that something is not quite right.

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