Satellite Messaging Could Go Beyond Emergencies And Be Used Regularly Across Google Messages

When the term satellite messaging arises, there’s just one thing that comes to many people’s minds and in case you didn’t know, it’s emergency communication.

But new reports generated by tech media outlet 9to5Google say how we might be seeing satellite texting as a regular means of communication that goes beyond the realms of just emergency incidents.

The latest lines of code are making suggestions on how satellite connectivity through Google Messages may soon be used to text anyone and everyone at all times. Thanks to reverse engineering, a new beta explained how Google Messages could feature the service.

It would therefore entail sending and receiving texts, ensuring people stay outside with clearer sky views. In the same manner, such means of communication would take longer in duration to get replies and wouldn’t be able to feature any media content like images or video.

To send and receive such kinds of messages, users would need to stay outside and get a clearer sky view. And you would be able to have the freedom to text anyone and everyone as well as emergency services.

Now the first two services are easily understood but the interesting part comes in the third one where satellite messaging is no longer going to be restricted to just the likes of emergencies. Instead, such features would be limited to contacting anyone and everyone online.

We have seen iPhone devices having satellite texting since the start of 2022. However, this feature could only be utilized to communicate with emergency services. On the other hand, iPhone maker Apple’s solution for this breakthrough tech didn’t let any user connect with the help of roadside assistance.

This connectivity feature will reportedly arrive across Android devices as well as the release of the Android 15. After it’s up for grabs to the general public, users will have the ability to send and get texts without any form of mobile service or internet connectivity available.

In my opinion, this could really open a realm of new communications because the greatness of satellite messaging has been spoken about in detail in the past and this is just proof of how most of us regular users can utilize it without the need for an emergency scenario arising.

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