Report Shows Many Teens in the US Own VR Goggles But They are Not Much Interested in Using them

Reviews of Apple’s Vision Pro are kind of mixed with some users not satisfied with its huge price which is $3500 and more. Many people say they are loving this new tech device but are not completely sure how and why they should use this product. There are also other high tech goggles that are less expensive and have a number of features that engage the users like playing games. But people are still not satisfied with those goggles too as they have some of their own problems.

If we talk about sales of Meta’s headset called Quest which is not as costly as Apple’s Vision Pro, it has sold over 20 million of them as of 2023. These headsets are also less expensive, starting at the price of $500. But there are some reasons why people are not fond of using them. According to a survey by Piper Sandler, teenagers are that group of people who don't think of using headsets or tech goggles that much. In this technology driven age, teens should be the people who are into these kinds of tech devices but they don't like putting on headsets even if they already own one.

The survey also tells that 33% of the teens own a VR headset. But 56% of them do not use it as much as it is expected from them. Two years ago, this percentage of teens was 48% in the US. The survey also says that the respondents of the survey (6020 US teens with average age of 16.1) say that they are thinking of spending $225 on video games in the first half of 2024. So, VR or AR companies should look for attracting teens to spend the money on their headsets for playing games instead of playing them on their mobiles or some other console.

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