Public Chat Servers On The Rise As Alarming Reports Suggest Discord Chats Are Being Sold

If you happen to be using Discord as your go-to texting platform then this next piece of news is for you.

New reports are highlighting how you shouldn’t be trusting texting apps such as these that end up transforming your chats into something ephemeral. And that’s very true when you take into consideration a host of public servers that has the capability of tracking nearly 600 million people across 14k servers.

As per 404 Media, Spy Pet is one such service that is infamously selling users access to another platform featuring close to 3 billion Discord texts. They end up offering data credits to various clients who pay using Bitcoin, crypto, and Ethereum. Moreover, searching individuals will even unveil which servers their respective accounts are linked to such as GitHub.

Spy Pet has gone as far as to list nearly 86,000 more servers that entail zero bots but the fact that it exists is enough understanding for many to take a step back and reconsider its privacy and security.

As mentioned by the expert, Discord fails to generate texts through server channels like blog posts or even feeds on social media. It’s easier to access them publicly and search for them. However, it would not be wrong to add how plenty of bans do continually exist and the threat of your messages being handled and accessed by bots is scary, to say the least.

Private texts cannot be seen on Spy Pet and therefore remain secure till today. Moreover, Spy Pet is asking people more about training models linked to the AI domain or even federal agents in search of newer sources including widespread intel.

This is designed to make sure contacts for deals remain in place but users are getting very weary about the whole scenario every since this report has come out. As mentioned by 404 Media, pressing on links such as Request Removal would end up showing clips featuring entertainment figures who laugh at the mere thought of making advanced payments right before a sudden comment like ‘Are you serious’ pops up.

Users making use of Spy Pet could also be reassured that all searches being carried out on the device are more than safe and confidential and provide random names of users.

Here is where the author finds all public Discord chats he ever rolled out into the tab for research or for the sake of reporting in that particular server list of Spy Pet. Moreover, those who failed to pay for access to their texts could only witness benign elements that are faced by the public such as stickers, charted members, and even emojis with time.

Such indications being in the easy reach of Spy Pet misusing it is very concerning for obvious reasons and the new warning coming into play has people talking.

Image: Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

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