Proton Mail Announces ‘Dark Web Monitoring’ To Enhance Security For Paid User Subscriptions

Proton Mail is rolling out a new dark web monitoring endeavor for enhanced security purposes but wait, not everyone can avail of the feature.

Only paid users will benefit as the rollout tries to scan disguised parts from the web for Proton Mail’s email IDs. In case the users are located, they would generate security alerts which entail actions taken to help ward off the risks.

This new feature would display all sorts of breaches that it feels your account might have been involved in in the past. It would arise with red indicators which let the user know which one has the most risk. Moreover, anything it feels is high risk would be the one that exposes the user’s password for example. And therefore the goal would be to allow it to alter this immediately.

Proton has similarly spoken about how the number of breach attempts continues to grow exponentially from what we’ve seen in the past. This has affected close to 353 million users and that would transform it into becoming the worst year as far as such malicious attempts are concerned.

We saw in January how plenty of researchers located a database that ended up putting close to 26 billion records on display. This was so much that it soon achieved the tag to become the mother of all breach attempts online. After all, it served as the list featuring all the past breaching attempts that arose.

Proton Mail has planned to monitor a host of customized domain emails as well as external IDs where alert notifications are generated to the user’s phone whenever the data is seemingly breached online.

You can better locate alerts on the dark web through Proton Mail’s Security Center too by navigating through your respective Privacy and Security. At the same time, you’ll find email subscriptions beginning at just $3.99 every month.

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