OpenAI Unveils Unrestricted Access to ChatGPT 3.5, Eliminating Sign-Up Requirement

OpenAI just made a big announcement. The AI-giant announced that people can now use chat gpt 3.5 without having to sign up. This is great for those curious about Ai but not willing to create an account. Before, to use this AI chatbot you had to register with Open AI.

But if you want the extra features of ChatGPT-4 and the image-making tool DALL·E 2, you still need to sign up for Plus. OpenAI, the company Sam Altman runs and Microsoft supports, is going to slowly bring in this new update. They talked about it on X, a social media site.

With this new method to access chat gpt, Open AI will also be more careful about what content gets through. They said having an account has many perks. You can save your chats, share them, and get more features like talking and giving special commands.

OpenAI also uses the stuff people type into ChatGPT to make their AI better. But if you don't sign up, you can choose not to let them use your chats.

Currently, over 100 million people from 185 countries use chat gpt every week. Also, Microsoft and OpenAI are planning a big project. They want to build a $100 billion place for a super computer named Stargate.

Image: DIW

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