Lethal AI Tech Export: Israeli Startups' Role in Gaza Conflict Raises Precision Concerns

The concerns are on the rise relating to Israel’s non-stop offensive behavior in the Gaza Strip where a huge number of innocent civilians are losing their lives daily.

Startup firms belonging to Israel are, as per Nikkei Asia, exporting dangerous and lethal weapons that make use of military tech that’s powered via the likes of AI, escalating concerns about precision amid ongoing conflict.

One of the AI systems that’s gaining publicity due to its sheer nature of devastation is Edge 360 which is curated with the help of Axon Vision and it keeps getting installed inside armored cars present in the Gaza Strip. This can give alerts about threats arising across the board while warning soldiers who are in charge of the vehicle too.

In the same way, the autonomous weapons system also trying to assist with enhancing the entire decision-making ordeal by carrying out tests that are usually performed by a human soldier during the war.

Edge 360 is just one of many systems that has been highlighted as spreading terror and possibly claiming the lives of many civilians while others are also scheduled to be used for the same reason.

Axon Vision was created nearly seven years back but its sudden delivery to Israel’s military is now being spoken of for the first time.

It’s providing the country’s army with so much power and the people behind the system claim to be in close contact with the military to ensure it’s working to strike the right targets that Israel continues to take immense pride in.

Axon Vision hopes to make greater enhancements in the technology and even export it to various parties. They are currently conducting research and the next step is to incorporate this into armored vehicles.

Image: DIW-Aigen

Another system being spoken about is the Orion Mission support platform that’s rolled out by Asio Tech. It’s the first time that we’re hearing about its use in the Israeli conflict in Gaza. This can determine the right target range and provide the military with the right hints about when and if there’s a target on the ground that they need to be aware of.

What’s even more concerning is how many systems such as Orion can function so well through offline mode. This means such platforms are very effective when the links for communication have been disrupted as per Asio Tech. Therefore, the firm vows to make bigger enhancements on this front depending on mistakes carried out in the past.

Next up is SmartShooter which is one innovative tech that has been drawing attention from the masses since the war’s start. It can provide fire control supplies for guns like rifles which can target to make sure a precise region was struck.

UK soldiers continued their training in the recent past where they were trying to shoot drones that use SmartShooter material linked to smaller arms.
Several startups located in Israel are now making use of drone-based tech which are added to drones to give great protection against acts such as the use of jammers.

So many innocent youngsters who worked in the Israeli army since the start are now getting dismissed as it appears that technology is on the rise to overtake their positions.

There has been a long list of conflicts taking place between the Palestinians and the Iranians. One such example is an engineer that continues to work in sectors like research as well as development where they are designed to better save people’s lives.

For instance, the creation of military tech has similarly raised some thoughts over the rising number of casualties. But seeing new AI military tech giving Israel more power can only be daunting for the world striving for peace.

No matter what Israel may say, it’s daunting to realize that the Israeli Defensive Forces are killing thousands and causing a famine where even aid supplies have been prevented from entering that could provide relief and save hundreds of lives.

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