Google’s Terms Of Service Is Getting An Update But Don’t Expect Any Generative AI Ownership Clause

Search engine giant Google just rolled out its latest Terms of Service. The company’s document entails more than 70 different products and every two years, we anticipate something new with 2024 being no exception.

But some might be a little disappointed because there is no ownership clause for generative AI content and people are baffled because it’s about time, right?

The Terms of Service document is now becoming a part of the main ToS. And the latest addition to this includes new AI output clauses but not seeing the company cover ownership of content made through generative AI is baffling for some.

The firm even provides a stark reminder including how if Gemini produced a poem, you may print it across books without the need to attain a new license from the firm. How’s that shocking in today’s day and age where people are fighting to get a share of ownership.

But what you can expect to witness is a new ToS division regarding what users cannot take part in including no room for abuse, interference, disruption, or instilling harm to any of the company’s system of products on offer.

The tech giant similarly sheds light on how the goal is to classify more ordeals under the heading of spam including malware introduction, hacking, prompt injections, and even getting access to content via fraud or deception.

Similarly, a zero-tolerance policy for the likes of fake profiles, hacking attempts, and even generating fake reviews is deemed to be non-negotiable. If you appear to provide a service that seems to originate from the company but in reality doesn’t, you’re again restricted from doing so.

Anyone that chooses to provide services that violate these terms and conditions and at the same time, hides or disguises their identity is said to be engaging in unlawful acts.

It’s all very misfortunate when you come to think of it because Google feels there is no need to take part in such activities as that only adds more harm to the user and nothing else. Meanwhile, the document also delineates some specific amendments that are restricted to nations like France and even Australia. Therefore, Google hopes to update that to better showcase these new laws and rollouts on offer.

There’s nothing massively different from before other than a few tweaks here and there as Google says it’s just trying to better comply with the newest regulations in place as we speak.

Similar to how so many firms function today, it makes use of language that’s more simple than anything else so the masses can comprehend with great ease.

The latest array of Terms of Service is going to come into play by May 22 of this year. And from the looks of it, the company has already begun generating emails to users from today. But so far, no amendments have been made to Google’s Privacy Policy.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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