Everything A Newcomer Needs To Know About Division 2

When Ubisoft came up with the concept for the first part of The Division, players greeted it excellently at the level of trailers and anticipation. It was a survival project with an abandoned city that suffered a disaster and now the remaining military must obtain equipment and confront other factions in constant competition for equipment, weapons, territory and outposts.

But the project completely failed due to disgusting optimization and absolute crudeness at the time of release. Now Ubisoft has updated the game map, worked on graphics and optimization, and players can fully experience division 2 boosting in the format in which the first part of the project should have been.


You will begin your gaming journey at a common base, which will be your headquarters for replenishing ammunition and planning operations.

You will be able to receive tasks and quests, or simply go out to destroy opponents and gain experience.


You have to independently look for weapons for your gameplay and not one, but two types of weapons that can be changed at your discretion.

First, let's look at the quality of the weapon, which affects the accuracy, rate of fire and force of the shot:

  • Ordinary
  • Rare
  • Epochal
  • Legendary

The higher the quality of the weapon, the better its combat capabilities.

The best type of weapon for your boost in Division 2 will be an assault rifle, which will help you gain more experience and do it much safer because you will have high accuracy and damage at all distances.

The second useful weapon can be a sniper rifle, which will allow you to safely shoot at other players and attack outposts with minimal risk of getting shot.

To do this, you will have to master the ballistics of bullet flight, find a sight with x4 or x4 zoom, and be sure to have a silencer so that opponents cannot immediately detect your shooting position.

An alternative weapon for an assault rifle can be a machine gun - this is a small weapon with a high rate of fire and reduced damage. With it, you will not be able to shoot effectively at long distances, but due to the rate of fire you will not have problems in close combat.

Those who prefer melee combat can try their hand at the shotgun, which actually deals fatal damage to opponents who get too close.

Ideally, you have an assault rifle and any secondary weapon of your choice.


Like weapons, all the equipment you use will have a quality and protection category.

You need to strive to find the best, legendary helmet and body armor, a good and capacious backpack and unloading.

Tasks and advices for the game

You need to constantly leave the player base to level up your character and get a cheap boost to Division 2.


To begin with, you will attack outposts that have influence in the region in order to reduce the number of bandit groups and simplify your travels and hunting.

Additionally, you will be able to gain experience and equipment, which can be replenished at the same outpost without returning to base.

Capturing a post will not be as difficult as periodically repelling counterattacks.

Tips for storming an outpost:

  1. Choose a height from which the entire post can be seen, if possible. Conduct analysis and mark all enemies you find.
  2. Approach at close range if you do not have equipment with a silencer, or eliminate enemies from afar to reduce the number of guards.
  3. Then act quickly - shoot at the enemies, kill them, and do not let them regroup. Be sure to use cover and shoot in the head to eliminate the numerical superiority of your opponents as quickly as possible.

Upgrade your operative

You need to develop your agent to increase his combat potential, but the first points are better spent on boosting future progress.

For example, you can increase the amount of experience you will receive and the chance of obtaining valuable resources that will be obtained when disassembling items.

Then pay attention to survivability and recharging of skills, because in the first stages it is much more difficult to get valuable items and weapons.

Loot and how to manage it

You can collect many valuable items by inspecting killed enemies and exploring caches and other areas.

You will come across weapons, ammunition, accessories and a lot of junk - items whose value is minimal.

It’s worth saying right away that all unnecessary equipment can and should be disassembled - this is more profitable than selling it for pennies and accumulating consumables for your future crafting and character enhancement. You can put marks on items that you consider junk and in the future you will immediately understand what is better to disassemble and leave in the warehouse, and what to sell.

How the fight is organized in Division 2

The combat system in Division 2 can be compared in some ways to GTA 5 - where you will have the opportunity to both kill with one cartridge and fire at opponents, and use cover, shoot in Somali style (pulling out a weapon from cover and shooting at random) and looking out for aimed shooting. Both you and your opponents will use these methods.

How to increase your survivability and lethality to your enemies:

  1. Aim for the head - it is very ineffective to shoot at the torso, because enemies will often use body armor of different categories, which simply cannot be shot in this way.
  2. Use cover - players who stand or fight not from cover quickly receive fatal damage from a large number of opponents.
  3. Use grenades - the 3rd person view system allows you to see the enemy without even leaving cover, which will allow you to accurately and safely throw grenades that will smoke out enemies from them. If such a technique is used against you, then either run to another zone, or jump over the cover and crush the enemy with fire until it explodes, and then return to the opposite point.
  4. Change weapons instead of reloading, if you have an assault rifle and say an assault rifle, you can first unload both weapons before reloading, because it may well be that the fight will end earlier.
  5. Go around your opponents - if you manage to outwit and deceive your enemies, then you will most likely be able to destroy them, go into the back, or side, where the defense is much weaker, and the damage and ability to aim are much higher.

Conclusions from the Division 2 review for beginners

Division 2 is a well-thought-out and refined format of the first part, which completely failed a few years ago. Ubisoft rethought the format of survival and struggle in large cities in the United States among factions and launched a new and completed format.

You will be able to create your own operative and begin your gameplay of searching for weapons and equipment, clearing outposts and completing tasks and operations that will help you better understand the gameplay and boosting format in The Division 2.

You will pump up your agents and learn skills that will significantly strengthen it - at first it will be faster pumping and a chance to get more valuable trophies, then you will learn accelerated reloading of skills, damage and protection for your shooter.

You can play either alone or as part of a group, depending on your wishes, but of course playing in a squad of 4 people is safer than being a lone shooter facing both bandits and other players.


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