Even With Many Legal and Regulatory Issues, Apple’s Revenue is Still Expected to Grow a Lot Until 2025

According to CounterPoint Research’s Apple 360 service, one third of Apple's total revenue is going to be captured by Apple’s services segment by 2025. 2025 will also be the year for Apple when the company’s revenue will cross the $100 billion per year mark. As Apple is mostly being supported by its hardware and services segment, the company is also going to reach the $400 billion revenue mark in 2024.

Apple is facing a lot of regulatory and legal issues in the United States and European Union. Research Director, Jeff Fieldhack, says that they are aware that Apple is taking a risky route right now but it is just the start right now. So, there is nothing to worry about in terms of Apple monetization in the iPhone. There are also some hints that Apple is adaptoping AI in its iPhones but no official announcement has been made in these regards. But people can expect to hear something from Apple soon.

Apple’s installed base of nearly 2 billion devices has opened the gates of endless revenue to the company. Many of the brand’s services businesses like Apple Care+, Apple Music, Apple Store and Apple One subscription have contributed a lot in increasing the device base of Apple. Apple One was introduced in 2023 and it has the potential of becoming the biggest contributor in revenue of Apple services. It provides great software and services to users. Moreover, the premium subscribers play an important role in its revenue growth.

Despite all of this, iPhones are still the biggest contributors in Apple’s revenue. They make about half of Apple’s revenue and many of Apple's premium services also play a part in increasing the revenue. The revenue for iPhones is expected to grow this year while there were some volume declines seen in China at the starting of 2024. Many users are now experiencing IOS and as the iPhone's market will grow, Apple’s revenue will also grow.

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