CounterPoint Data Shows Global PC Shipments are Growing, With Lenovo Taking the Lead

According to the latest data from CounterPoint Research, Global PC shipments have grown 3% YoY in Q1 of 2024. The PC global shipment was seeing a huge decline for the past 8 quarters due to low demand and inventory correction. The rest of quarters in 2024 are also going to see a growth in YoY shipments by 3%. The biggest reason for this growth will be AI PC momentum. There will also be different sectors seeing shipment recoveries and overall a fresh hand new replacement cycle.

The biggest PC shipments in Q1 of 2024 were by Lenovo. Lenovo shipments were up by 8% which is a lot compared to its shipments in Q1 of 2023. HP and Dell, which have the huge market shares, 21% and 16% respectively, didn’t see much growth in their shipments in Q1 of 2023. Their shipments are expected to increase in the coming quarters, driven by their shipments in North America. Apple’s shipment growth also increased by 2% and that was because of its M3 Base Models.
45% of the PCs being shipped this year are going to be powered by AI so we can say that 2024 is going to be an AI driven year for PC shipments. William Li, who is a Senior Analyst at CounterPoint, thinks that AI capable laptops and PCs are going to see a huge increase in their shipments in 2025-2026. Many more generative AI functions will be incorporated in them by then. AI laptops are going to be a huge catalyst in driving out more shipments of PCs. Many manufacturers are ready to promote their AI PCs as their main products in the second half of 2024. Overall, 2024 is going to be a lucky year for PC vendors.

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