CheckPoint Report: Cyber Attacks Surge 28% in Q1 2024, Targeting Government, Military, and Healthcare

Data from CheckPoint shows that the number of cyber attacks are increasing and most of them are targeted on government, military and healthcare. CheckPoint published its latest report for cyber attack stats for Q1 of 2024. The report mentions that the frequency and nature of cyber attacks is slowly changing but it is getting more than ever. Comparing the cyber attacks of last quarter of 2023, Q1 of 2024 experienced 28% more cyber attacks which is 5% more than Q1 of 2023. The average number of cyber attacks each organization experienced weekly was 1308 which is the highest number till now.

The report states that this increase in cyber attack numbers is a great threat to many organizations. As days are passing, cyber attacks are going to increase in numbers. The organizations or industries which are highly affected by these attacks are education and research. Both of these organizations are being attacked 2454 times weekly on average. Organizations related to military and government saw cyber attacks 1692 times weekly on average the number of cyber attacks on healthcare organizations was 1605 weekly on average.

The industry that saw the biggest increase in cyber attacks was hardware vendors with 37% increase and average 1185 attacks. Africa also saw an increase in cyber attacks with 20% more attacks as compared to 2024. Latin America saw a 20% decline because of a number of reasons like modern measures and shift in focus of cybercriminals.

Ransomware attacks are still common with attackers posting more than 1000 victims on the dark web. 59% of the ransomware attacks were reported in North America, followed by 24% in Europe. The biggest target of ransomware attacks is the manufacturing industry with 29% reported attacks followed by 11% attacks in healthcare. Organizations should take improved measures to stop cyber attacks and should get help from AI if needed.

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