ChatGPT Leads with 13% Month-on-Month Traffic Growth, Hits 1.77 Billion Visits in March 2024

Estimations by SimilarWeb show that ChatGPT is going to surpass its own highest traffic record that was achieved by it in May 2023. In May 2023, the highest traffic recorded on ChatGPT was 1.81 billion. In March 2024, ChatGPT had 1.77 billion visits. ChatGPT’s traffic was declining after summer 2023 but it started peaking in October and it is 33% YoY now. OpenAI also introduced many custom GPTs in fall of 2023 and the traffic there is about 56.5 million as of March 2024. A 3% increase was seen from February 2024 as Third party GPTs reached 50.5 million visits in March. It was a 68% increase from November 2023.

Out of all AI platforms, ChatGPT is the biggest AI chatbot which is a completely separate platform. Microsoft and Google are not included in the rankings because these two platforms are incorporating AI in different ways. ChatGPT saw a 13% increase in its month-on-month (MoM) traffic but it is still less than other platforms like Anthropic’s Claude that had 161% increase in its MoM traffic. This increase of traffic was highly influenced by Claude 3 release. Google’s Gemini’s traffic was 37% MoM with 433.5 million visits but when Google released Bard, it only had 30.6 million visits.

Character AI had 19% MoM and 99% YoY traffic increase and recorded 213 million visits in March 2024. Perplexity, an AI powered search engine saw 24% MoM traffic increase and 288% YoY increase with 61.5 million visits in March 2024.

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