Apple’s Woes Continue As Tech Giant Loses Top Spot In China’s Smartphone Market Amid Decline In Shipments

The year 2024 is proving to be quite a challenge for iPhone maker Apple who was just dethroned from its top position inside China’s smartphone market.

The company was once deemed the biggest seller of smartphones in the East Asian nation but that’s no longer the case as proven in the latest stats of a report published by the IDC today.

The news comes amid a sharp decline in smartphone shipments that continue to decline by 6.6% from what was witnessed in 2023 during the same time period. It’s quite a matter of concern as the competition gets tougher with each passing day.

As far as the top spot is concerned, it was Honor and Huawei that made it big with the former’s market share experiencing a staggering 17.1% rise while the latter going up by 17% too. Meanwhile, the Cupertino firm’s market share witnessed a decline, falling down to 15.6%.

Now, the IDC says there’s a statistical tie declared when two or more two vendors have a difference of 0.1% or less than that for revenue share or shipments.

One top-of-the-line research analyst present at the IDC branch in China has outlined in the report how Apple’s current pricing strategy in this year’s first quarter failed to rise against the stiff competition in question that arose from other leading market names of the Android industry.

As a whole, the shipments of smartphones seen across China managed to rise by 6.5% to reach the 69.3 million unit mark according to the IDC stats.

Meanwhile, this week’s start had more data being discussed from another report produced by Counterpoint that delineated how Apple’s shipments for smartphones in the East Asian nation fell 19% during Q1 of 2024. And it even went as far as to mention how this happened to be the worst kind of performance displayed by Apple in recent times.

As one can imagine, this is not the sort of news that any leading name in the smartphone industry or tech world would want to hear. But as per critics' opinions’, the high-end price points for Apple’s devices are just getting a lot for many to bear when cheaper and equally good options are available.

IDC declares statistical tie in China's smartphone market as Apple's market share falls to 15.6%.

Company2024 Q1 Market Share2023 Q1 Market ShareYOY Growth
1. Honor17.10%16.10%13.20%
1. Huawei17.00%8.60%110.00%
3. OPPO15.70%19.80%-15.50%
3. Apple15.60%17.80%-6.60%
5. vivo14.60%17.40%-10.70%

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