Analysis of 200 Million Papers by Turnitin Shows that Many Students are Using AI tools to write their Papers

Turnitin used its new AI detector to check 200 million papers and it was revealed that most of the students had used Large Language Models (LLMs) to write the papers. About 11% which makes about 22 million papers had used 20% of AI written content. About 3% or 6 million papers had 80% AI written content. The chief product officer of Turnitin, Annie Chechitelli, says that technology is quickly incorporating itself in the education field and it is crucial for learning too. But most of the students in education are looking for ways to use technology for their own advantage and to perform better than everyone else.

From the past year, AI has slowly spreading its claws all over the world and now every other person is familiar with the use of AI and how they can benefit from it. Students are also using AI to write their papers and assignments but these kinds of practices are making students think less. Many of the AI tools like ChatGPT are being used by students daily to complete their work quickly. Tyton Partners conducted the survey to find out how many students use AI tools to write their papers and if they will continue using it even if their educational institutions ban them. 75% of the students said that they are not going to stop using AI even if their educational institutions ban the use of AI for students.
The amount of AI writing in papers prove that students are continuously using AI so educational authorities should impose some rules about use of AI. They should also talk with students to let them know what kind of use of AI is acceptable and which kind of AI usage is not acceptable in educational settings.

Image: AIgen

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