A Recent Analysis Shows Google’s CTRs by Search Result Rankings in 2024

Google is the biggest search engine with over 270 million monthly visitors asking about different questions. When people search for something, Google search gives several results. These results can be web pages, ads, summaries, videos, images, questions and other information snippet.

A recent analysis shows which results get more click through rates (CTRs). These CTRs are for those results which do not have other elements like maps, videos, images or shopping results.

The first ad position gets 2.1% CTR. The ad which has the second position gets 1.4% CTR. Ad position three and as position four has a CTR of 1.3% and 1.2% respectively. The very first result after ads gets 39.8% CTR. If it is a snippet, then it can be 42.9% but if local pack is present, it lowers to 23.7%. The second search result drops down to 18.7% CTR but it is 27.4% with snippets and 15.1% if a local pack is present. Search position three gets 10.2% CTR and the positions after that all get CTR lower than 10%.

If we talk about click through rates of Google search pages, snippets get the most CTR with 42.9% CTR if it is in the top result. If it is in the second result, CTR drops down to 27.4%. The top organic result has CTR of 39.8% and an ad result gets CTR of 1.2% to 2.1%. The CTR for image and video result is 1.4% to 4.9% and 2.3% to 6.4% respectively. ‘People Also Ask’ has CTR of 3.0% and Knowledge Panel gets CTR of 1.4%.

The CTR for Google Business Profile Listing Type is something like this: the local service ad at the left gets 3.1% CTR and the one in the middle gets 2.8% CTR. The CTR for local service ads at the right is 2.5%. The top local pack position gets 17.6% CTR. The second and third local pack position gets 15.4% and 15.1% CTR respectively.

A Recent Analysis Shows Google’s CTRs by Search Result Rankings

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