YouTube's iOS App Hits $8 Billion in User Spending, Surpassing Major Milestone Globally

Insights from DataAI shows that YouTube has grossed about $8 billion user spending globally on its app for iOS, mostly because of in-app purchases on YouTube Premium. It is a great achievement for YouTube because it took YouTube more than 13 years to reach this much global consumer spending. Now, YouTube has become the third fastest non-game app to reach this revenue. It is behind TikTok that took 9.2 years to reach $8 billion global consumer spending and Tinder that took 11.3 years to do so. The overall fastest app to reach $8 billion user spendings is a gaming app called Honor of Kings that reached $8 billion in 6.7 years. Other apps that follow are Monster Strike (7 years), Clash of Clans (8.4 years) and Candy Crush Saga (8.7 years).

As we all know that YouTube is the most used video search engine app in the world, it has also become the most popular linear TV streaming platform in January 2024. The reason is that YouTube also also introduced its sub-apps like YouTube Kids and YouTube TV. The main YouTube has also seen a growth in its revenue on iOS apps. The biggest part of YouTube’s spending is from the USA at 55% or about $4.4 billion. The second highest spending is from Japan with 8% of the total spending or $711 million.

YouTube spending on iOS went from 14 cents per $100 on Apple’s App Store to $2.71 per $100 in 2023. According to last year’s data, YouTube’s spending increased 120% from 2020 and 16% from 2022. YouTube saw a huge increase in spending in 2021 with 48% YoY in 2021 because of the pandemic. YouTube is proving to us from time to time again that its decision to monetize the app through creators and in-app purchases was good because we can see that it is generating a great sum of revenue globally.

Google-Owned YouTube's iOS App Hits $8 Billion in User Spending, Surpassing Major Milestone Globally

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