YouTube Tries Out Letting Viewers Fix Captions

YouTube is testing a new idea to make the captions on its videos better. They're asking people who watch videos to help by fixing any mistakes in the captions. This help from viewers is being tested on a small number of videos in English.

Here's how it works: When you're watching a video that's part of this test, you can click on the settings icon and choose "subtitles." Then, you can see the video's captions. If you spot a mistake, you click on a pencil icon and type what you think is the correct caption.

Other people watching the video can also help. They can see the corrections you've suggested. If they agree with your correction, they can vote for it by clicking on it.

Right now, these changes won't automatically update the video's captions. But, the person who made the video can see all the suggested fixes and decide if they want to use them. This could make captions more accurate.

Better captions are important for several reasons. They make videos easier for more people to understand, especially if they have trouble hearing. Accurate captions can also help videos show up in search results, since Google uses these captions to understand what the video is about.

For now, YouTube is only trying this out with a few videos in English to see how it goes.

YouTube's new test invites viewers to improve video captions: Users can suggest edits, aiding accuracy and accessibility.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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