WhatsApp Rolls Out Exciting New Features For Users And Here’s What To Expect

WhatsApp is rolling out several innovative features for its users and here’s what users can expect.

For starters, the platform has allowed users to swiftly forward or rewind their videos through the app’s instant messaging feature. As spotted by Wabetainfo, all you need to do is double-click on the screen’s side and that will swiftly move it in either direction, by 10 seconds.

The rollout has come after a long period of debate and testing and to see it finally be launched is a relief for some avid video fanatics. It’s quite like how you would forward or rewind videos seen across streaming platforms such as Netflix or even YouTube.

This feature is already up for grabs with the app’s latest iOS update which can be found on the Apple App Store.

You can swiftly record and send off the video message in your regular text chat by holding on to the camera icon that’s located near the text field across the chat to begin.

Other than that, you can forward and rewind as well by double-clicking the screen’s side where the video is playing. And lastly, you can find an innovative design for attachments seen on the chat.

The app mentioned how the features would be up for grabs to all in the upcoming few weeks so stay tuned. But there is yet to be any sort of mention of its availability at the Google Play Store or even for WhatsApp video working on Android devices.

You can go back and forth across a video by dragging this progress through manual means on the video player too, the app adds.

Other than this particular update, you can start and even share video messages by holding on to the camera icon on the app. The latter was first introduced last year across both Android and iOS to ensure minute-long videos.

It was seen in the past through the microphone feature across the chat’s UI.

In other news, we’re hearing more about how the messaging app owned by Meta is working hard on some more features like Favorites, filters for group chats, default options for media uploads, and even status sharing for a few updates arising from various other devices.

We’re also hearing more about its collaboration with other leading messaging platforms arising from third parties.

We saw some videos surfacing more on this front related to how it might soon be onboarded as it’s currently under development. And let’s not forget the option to include Passkey support for iOS users that enables them to use the app without the addition of a password.

Lastly, the app is said to be rolling out a new favorite feature that can be found on the Calls tab. This Favorites feature allows users to include contacts as well as groups to the tab which might be important to the user.
The goal is to help users save time by adding dedicated sections in the calls tab that are popular so they can immediately access the most important people and groups from a host of others stored on their devices.

Thanks to this latest beta for Android, social media enthusiasts were able to retrieve information through reverse engineering and that’s how they know so much more about the upcoming favorite feature for calls.

As soon as the feature is activated, it will immediately display a list of contacts that are important in calls. So what you get in the end is great convenience as well as accessibility.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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