Study Says that Using AI in Businesses Can Impact the Security of the Company as Well as Customers

Research by the University of Sunshine Coast published a paper in AI and Ethics that said the rapid use of AI by Australian companies is putting the security of many people at risk. As many companies are using AI for a lot of work, it can have serious effects on the overall environment of the workplace. These serious effects cause violation of data and loss in business because of AI manipulation. This can be intentional as well as accidental. This study also included five points that every business should check to safely use AI for their work.

A lecturer at the university, Dr. Declan Humphreys said that there is currently a race between many companies about who will implement AI more quickly but it isn’t as easy because these companies are facing many technical issues as well as moral issues. AI models like ChatGPT, Bard, Gemini etc. use a lot of data to turn into content that seems like it is created by humans. The lecturer also added that tech firms aren’t the only ones to use AI in their works but other firms like Call Centres, Supply Chain Operators, Human Resource Management, etc also want to use AI in their work as quickly as possible.

There are a lot of talks about AI taking the jobs of people but companies aren’t ready to talk about how huge cyber security issues can be if they work with AI. If they will over use AI in their companies, it means that they are over trusting and completely relying on AI and that is not right approach. Many companies are also making their own AI models or using third-party systems without considering that their data can be hacked. AI can also make bad business decisions that can impact the overall business.

The first point in the five point checklist that the study provided if any business wants to work with AI is that the AI model you are working with should be secure and ethical. Other points include trusted and fair data collection with AI, secure data storage, maintenance of AI using ethical methods and upskilling, training and managing staff properly. Dr. Humphreys said that if any business is using AI, its top priority should be privacy and security of the customers.

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