StatCounter Reports Different Share Points for Windows Versions with Window 11 Reaching Its All Times Highest Point

According to the report from StatCounter for February 2024, it was revealed that Windows 11 has reached its all time high with 28.18% in February 2024. It is 0.35 points increase from January 2024 and 9.05 increase YoY. Apart from Windows 11, StatCounter also included other Windows versions and long and unsupported Windows versions in its report too to see how each Windows version is doing.

It was found out that even though Windows 10 was declining these past 5 months, Windows 10 gained 0.76 points and 67.23% YoY. It declined about 6 points in its YoY. Windows 10 had some low points in the previous five months because Windows 11 had more market share growth. Even with low points and some decline, it is still the dominating Windows version in the market and there is no way that Windows 11 can come up to its level soon.

Even with all this, Microsoft is getting ready to make Windows 11 popular in the market by increasing its market shares and showing Windows 10 users upgrade prompts that they can get with Windows 11. Microsoft has also recently announced that it is launching a Windows 10 machine that will be invited to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 in April 2024. But it will be optional to do so for Windows 10 users. Windows 11 cannot reach up to the Windows 10’s level until Windows’s 10 demise in October 2025.
Other Windows versions that gained some points were Windows 7(3.1% with 0.05 points), Windows 8.1(0.66%) and Windows XP(0.52%). According to the report, Microsoft is going to invest a lot in Windows 11 with AI powered experiences because as AI is getting popular, many manufacturers will also start manufacturing AI powered computers.

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