Privacy Concerns Surge Amid Rising Awareness of Data Security Risks

Aleo shared a new report that shows that people are worried about their privacy and think that their data isn’t safe from prying eyes. In the survey conducted in October 2023, 67% of the US adults say that they are more likely to switch to a platform that promises them data protection technology. Most of the people want to safeguard their privacy from data brokers and companies and these types of options give them something to choose from.

Many of the digital services have limited privacy and this is common knowledge because several reports show us some of the data related issues. Now people are more aware of how they can protect their data and privacy, and what are the alternatives that keep their data safe and protected. Media also plays a part in telling consumers that many data breaches, leaks, hacks and scams happen everyday and that’s why consumers always think about ways to protect their data.

Aleo also says that understanding of data security has improved a lot because of advertising of digital products like CrowdStrike’s purchase of Super Bowl advertisement for two years in a row. US citizens are also getting to know about many privacy laws like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. Many people have also gone through some personal experiences that have made them well-aware of data privacy and protection laws. Now individuals say that their data privacy isn’t a luxury but a right for them.

Data from the Federal Trade Commission shows that US citizens lost about $1.56 billion to crypto fraud and crypto losses are a total of 15% of overall frauds in the US. Baby Boomers(85%) are the most worried about their privacy as compared to Millennials(77%) and GenX(74%). Only 68% of the GenZ are worried about their data and privacy. Still, protection of their privacy has become a concern for people of all group of ages, all over the world.

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