PayPal Rolls Out ‘Tap To Pay’ Feature On iPhones For US Merchants Through Venmo And Zettle

PayPal is making things very interesting for US businesses with iPhones as the company announced today how it was rolling out a new Tap to Pay endeavor. This would be done via the Zettle and Venmo apps on their devices, it added.

The new rollout is set to enable businesses to accept payments through contactless sources including digital wallets. So that would be received through their iOS devices without any additional payments or use of hardware.

Moreover, the launch arrived exactly eight months after the app rolled out merchants for Android devices. Other than collecting payments via cards and digital wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Play, this feature enables merchants to include taxes and say hello to tips while generating receipts.

They can even roll out refunds without any more hardware. Money from sales is instantly put inside the company’s Venmo or PayPal accounts. Today, PayPal charges sales made via tap to pay through both of the apps it owns.

Through the latest rollout, Venmo users having business profiles would be able to grab a hold of clients by payment acceptances via buyers, even if there’s no Venmo account attached. Moreover, merchants will have the chance to manage Venmo as well as card payment transactions done via the app online.

The real launch of this feature arrived just a couple of months after the platform started testing this via the early access initiative.
The latest launch of this new feature arrives just two years after the platform’s rival Stripe transformed into Apple’s latest payment partner so that Tap to Pay gets active. One year down the road, Stripe has allowed firms to roll out Tap to Pay transactions across Android devices.

Today, Stripe charges $0.10 for each transaction so that Tap to Pay purchases can be made via this payment gateway. The additional costs linked to this card and other kinds of digital payments remain.

It's evident that more and more people are going cashless. We saw PayPal mention how the Tap to Pay across the iPhone can assist millions of small firms in better adapting to shifts in client behavior as it gets rid of businesses purchasing card readers.

The news is exciting and we do hope the feature benefits the masses who struggle with payments.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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