New Leak Suggests TikTok Is Working On Its Own Instagram-Like Photos Platform

Just when you thought TikTok was one app solely restricted to videos comes news about a new platform that might only have to do pictures.

Bytedance's leading platform might be working on creating another app dubbed TikTok Photos that is very similar in working to arch-rival Instagram. And yes, this news has to do with images rolled out by another leading social media expert through reverse engineering.

The respective app in question will enable existing users of the platform to begin with images from TikTok by importing or linking any images they rolled out publicly on the TikTok app itself toward the latest platform.

The leaker of this news dubbed AssembleDebug/The SP Android further proves how there are a host of uncovered strings for such codes that display how users of the app can publish images to TikTok Photos, install the app, and even open it up.

Furthermore, he showed via a long list of images how the app’s logo actually might appear and how it would entail a giant P with the addition of a cyan mark located right below that. As per the post published online, TikTok images are designed for Android as well as iOS and are said to roll out soon.

We’ve seen the platform go above and beyond videos from the past. Toward the end of 2022, the platform rolled out another feature for the picture carousel so that mobile users could benefit. This was promoted as ‘Photo Mode’ that puts selected images from users on display through a ‘Stories’ option that’s similar to the working of Instagram.

If this happens to be a standalone feature, it’s going to get well-positioned so that it competes with the likes of arch-rival platforms such as Instagram from Meta. We can certainly see how these TikTok photos are said to be of great interest to the masses because both these apps are leading names in today’s modern tech worlds.

Fans love Instagram and TikTok and when Meta took inspiration from TikTok to roll out Reels for Instagram, it gained massive applause in America. Moreover, as both these platforms continually compete with one another in terms of getting user attention, we also have more news about Instagram on this front.

It might be in the works of rolling out another feature that’s like Snapchat’s Friendly Map. This enables users to utilize selected accounts’ locations.

Hence, coming back to TikTok Photos, we know already that it’s going to be a viral success. Billions of people have downloaded the platform and quite enjoy using it in their free time, across both Android and iPhone devices. But we just hope the platform doesn’t get banned in places like the US because that would be absolute turmoil.

Remember, talks of the US lawmakers imposing a ban on TikTok because of its parent firm having roots based in China is a matter unknown to none. So the last thing this app needs is a ban, right?

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