Microsoft Unveils GPT-4 Turbo for All Copilot Users, Democratizing Elite AI Tech

Big news hit the tech world as Microsoft gave its Copilot AI assistant a major boost. Mikhail Parakhin, the company's advertising and web services chief, made a surprise announcement - the cutting-edge GPT-4 Turbo language model is now available to all Copilot users, even those on the free tier.

Previously, only paid Copilot Pro subscribers at $20 per month could access GPT-4 Turbo's powerful capabilities. But after lots of hard work behind the scenes, Microsoft has flung open the doors, putting this state-of-the-art AI in the hands of everyday users.

What makes GPT-4 Turbo so special? Unveiled by OpenAI back in November, it allows for massively longer inputs of up to 300 pages thanks to its huge 128K context window. A total game-changer for those working with large documents or data sets.

Of course, Parakhin assured existing Pro users they can still use the regular GPT-4 model if preferred, with a simple toggle switch to swap between them.

The GPT-4 Turbo rollout caps an eventful week for Microsoft's AI wizards. Just days ago, Copilot Pro gained an awesome new "GPT Builder" feature for easily creating custom chatbots tailored to niche topics - no coding required. These bots can then be shared far and wide on various devices.

And there are hints of more Copilot magic coming, with leaked Samsung promo materials pointing to deeper Phone Link integration for using the AI assistant seamlessly with Galaxy phones.

In democratizing elite AI tech for the masses, Microsoft has thrown down the gauntlet, making clear its vision: to empower people everywhere through accessible, user-friendly artificial intelligence.

Image: DIW-AIgen

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