Instagram Rolls Out Ads With Promo Codes Amid Tests For Longer Reels

Just last week, Instagram unveiled its desire to launch ads with promo codes. And seven days later, the app has already rolled the option out to different businesses worldwide.

This has given rise to more considerations for plenty of campaigns on the app, opening up a new potential from which businesses can benefit.

Instagram says advertisers on the app can influence shoppers by generating promo codes enlisted in the caption area. This would be applicable during the time of checkout, it explained.

This would give rise to further means to enhance sales via the app’s promotions and also fuel more means to better keep tabs on sales generated through the app directly. It all depends on which promo code was used by the shopper at that time.

As mentioned in the past, Meta says the option for Shop Talk 2024 was created to copy a very similar format which is already present on the platform in some parts of the world. Through this means, the inclusion of codes in-stream would be linked to purchases and serve as the most lucrative feature for potential shoppers to benefit from.

As per this platform, advertisers making use of the feature gave rise to a reduction that was close to 9% in costs for each purchase made on the campaign and a 10% rise in conversion rates too.

It’s all been a huge experiment for Meta and these promo codes have been in full-time effect for so long. We’ve had platforms like Facebook making use of barcodes and other ways to combine both online and offline purchases.

This new opportunity has paved the way for greater incentives that can now be utilized for discount codes. At the same time, it provides shoppers with the impetus to make purchases with immediate effect as compared to the past where you would just scroll by and come back to search for it at some other given point in time.

In this way, it could turn into the most valuable means for getting the right customer feedback. Today, the feature of advertisements with promotional codes is up for grabs around the world on the app.

In other news, the Instagram app is working on expanding the test for longer Reels to enhance engagement on the app. We are talking about Reels that are of longer duration. So you can bid farewell to the thought of a short video upload only being acceptable by the app as it makes way for longer ones today.

The test is out and about and some users are getting the chance to make the most of this beta with Reels going up to three minutes on the platform.

Image: Permolity / Threads

As pictured in an example shared by social media enthusiast and expert Matt Navarra, plenty of users are getting prompted to put out videos that go up to three minutes for Reels. Previously, they were just restricted to 90 seconds and it’s been a complaint by the masses for so long.

But wait, there’s even news about how reels going up to 10 minutes are also being talked about to see if they could be a possibility shortly at Instagram’s headquarters.

For the first time ever, we’re seeing longer reels go into live testing but it’s mentioned that only those videos that are pre-recorded could serve as your Reels upload, Before, you could simply capture through the Reels camera and upload but not anymore.

The trend today is longer duration videos on the platform too as the goal is to broaden the behavior of users and give more content to those that remain engaged. This past week, we saw the app explain more about its much anticipated Creator Rewards Program that gives out cash as an incentive for those putting out video clips of longer duration.

The app keeps prompting users to publish longer Reels that facilitate greater engagement.

Did we mention that this means saying hello to more entertainment and we’re not surprised. After all, what else could a longer watch time mean?

So many social media platforms are moving far away from the thought of social elements and making sure the app remains fresh and interesting at all times. Could this be a new key feature for the continuous growth of the app?

It also gives rise to greater and better chances for monetization via ads popping up in-stream. We’ve got plenty of individuals seeing Reels online and what better way to make money and better engagement than this, right?

Seeing Meta make the most of this format is certainly interesting and we can’t see how users respond to the latest initiative that gives them more chances to grow with their target audiences.

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